Tuesday, July 02, 2013

On the agenda at Ct Board of Pardons & Paroles: ‘compelling miscarriage of justice’

Cool Justice:
Katz Helps Unravel ‘Blue Note’ trail; Supports Foreshaw Bid

Joette Katz, who walked away from the coziest of court jobs to lead the embattled state Department of Children and families, has joined the chorus supporting Bonnie Foreshaw’s clemency bid.

“I wish Miss Foreshaw nothing but success,” Katz, the former state Supreme Court judge, told Cool Justice last week. “We’re a very different society today. Now, we know so much more and understand so much more about battered women syndrome. I wish her the best of luck.”

Foreshaw, 65 has served more than 27 years on a jacked-up first degree murder charge. Based on a long-buried memo detailing her inexperienced trial lawyer’s “disturbing” and “shocking” malpractice, the state Board of Pardons and Paroles has scheduled a clemency hearing for Foreshaw in October. Board Chair Erika Tindill told the Associated Press: “Had it not been for the surfacing of that memo, which we had no idea about, we would not have reconsidered her case.” The board has the authority to review “compelling miscarriages of justice.”

Katz also advanced the hunt for the chain of custody in the memo known as “The Blue Note,” which correctly states that Foreshaw should have been charged instead with manslaughter. Had the proper charge been levied, Foreshaw would have been free years ago ...

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