Thursday, January 22, 2015

. @LouisTheCoin Equipment Redux [links to NL Day feature &] signed copy 'You Thought It Was More' #WorldsGreatestCounterfeiter

NEW: This Saturday [Jan. 24], Louis Colavecchio is scheduled to appear with Franz Douskey at "Untold Stories," an event at Artspace in Hartford

  • Artspace's 'Untold Stories'

  • Strip after coinage blanks have been punched out, dies and rubber impressions of tokens

    Electrical Discharge Machine used to reproduce the token dies - also known as a spark erosion machine

    Rolls used to produce strip of the required thickness

    Press to produce coinage blanks or strike the tokens

    A press to strike the tokens

    Electro plating equipment

  • NL Day features @LouisTheCoin’s new book #YouThoughtItWasMore

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  • Signed copy

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