Tuesday, April 24, 2018

News Reports on #JaneDoeNoMore: UPDATED, w/ @QVCC Photos & Story, Facebook Post

Dylan Farrow at Quinebaug Valley Community College, flanked by Desiree Gardner and CJ McGuffy of Integrated Security Services.

Reception Entertainment, #CosmicJibaro #RicardoReyes

Hartford Courant: Dylan Farrow Leads Forum As Women Share Tales Of Abuse Before #MeToo
  • “Why did it take a white man repeating my story for it to be believed?”

  • Norwich Bulletin: Sex assault survivors, including Woody Allen’s daughter, share stories at QVCC
  • “I want these survivors to see that coming forward is painful but ultimately worthwhile.”

  • -- QVCC Photos by MARGIE HUOPPI

  • QVCC Facebook post

  • QVCC: Three women who shared their harrowing stories of sexual assault and survival

  • -- Photo of Dylan Farrow by DENISE ABERCROMBIE

    -Photo of Susan Campbell by MARGIE HUOPPI

    -Photo of Donna Palomba by MARGIE HUOPPI


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