Sunday, September 13, 2020

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Videos shot @ #DogWatchCafe Stonington, CT

Videographer: BOB THIESFIELD

Reporter Karen Ziner of The Providence Journal, retired, dishes on Louis the Coin's chatter about missing persons and bodies in Providence.

Reporter Karen Florin of The Day recalls Louis the Coin's tale of his sophisticated marijuana growing operation.

 Louis the Coin's priest brother and his wife at the time had an understanding about his counterfeiting activities. Providence Journal reporter Karen Ziner, retired, recalls seeing the brother's photo and feedback from Louis and spouse.


So long, Louis

KAREN ZINER: Louis Colavecchio's death leaves me strangely bereft. He was my all-time favorite interviewee and favorite character in 45 years as a journalist. Over the years we became friends - from a careful distance. I spent time with Lou while preparing for a teensy bit part in a History Channel documentary, "The Counterfeit King." Two of my favorite Louie stories: "We sold One-Lung-ers at the train station. What's a One-Lung-er? It's a watch. It takes one breath, and then it dies." He bragged that he made "more Gucci belts than Gucci." Knock-offs, of course. Once he showed up for coffee in an Italian butter-yellow leather jacket; blue suede shoes with snake-skin inserts, and a diamond-encrusted gold watch. Sheepishly regarding his sartorial splendor, Lou said, "I was thinking, she's [me] gonna think my outfit's too Guido, even for me." Ha ha. He'd engraved his prison number on the back of his gold watch, "to keep me humble." Another time Lou failed to show up for coffee. He called me later in the newsroom to say, "Guess you noticed I didn't show up for coffee. I got busted," again for fake coins. Polite of him to call, though by then I'd already heard the news. Before his last stay in the slammer, he told me he had some sort of neurological wasting disease and he was having trouble walking. If I needed a cheer-up, I'd call Lou periodically because everything that came out of his mouth was hysterical. ["I'm gettin' acupuncture. They put needles in my ass."] I knew he was a bad guy in so many ways, but hey - no one's perfect. So long Lou. You were an endearing piece of work.


Louis the Coin’s assessment of the History Channel show: 



Morris Library presents talk on Louis ‘the Coin’ Colavecchio



Reflecting on the Career
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