Thursday, September 14, 2006


EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve Fishman, an ace reporter for The Norwich Bulletin in the late 1970’s, went on to cover the Nicaraguan revolution for UPI. His war coverage was cut short by a massive brain hemorrhage, which resulted in his first book, “A Bomb In The Brain.”
During the height of the "Internet gold rush," Fishman received $3,000 in seed money from New York magazine, to see if he could create an Internet start-up with the goal of making $1 million within a year. He admits the idea started out as a joke. It ended up as another book, “Karaoke Nation, Or, How I Spent a Year in Search of Glamour, Fulfillment, and a Million Dollars.”
His most recent New York Magazine piece is:

The Devil in David Berkowitz
The way the man once called Son of Sam sees it, Satan and Jesus have long been fighting for his soul. Thirty years ago, when he killed six and terrorized the city, the Devil was winning. But now Berkowitz says that Jesus has the upper hand. And a growing flock of renegade Christians believe he’s an apostle of the Lord. Read the entire article.


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