Friday, November 03, 2006

JI Story On Enfield Savings Tallarita Party

State asked to scrutinize
bank newsletter's piece about Tallarita

By Keith Phaneuf
Journal Inquirer

ENFIELD -- Did a state lawmaker receive a campaign boost thanks to a recent newsletter from a local bank?

A political blogger and former Freedom of Information Commission member has asked state election officials to review the correspondence, but stopped short of filing a complaint against Enfield Federal Savings & Loan.

Andrew Thibault, editor of the "Cool Justice" Web log, wrote to the elections panel this week to refer a two-page bank newsletter mailed out last month.

Thibault specifically cited the newsletter's lead article in the newsletter, under the headline: "The Bank Welcomes Kathy Tallarita as Business Development Representative."

Most of the article explains the bank's hiring of Tallarita on July 26. It does mention that she has served eight years in the General Assembly, adding "She will again be on the ballot for state rep. this November."

Tallarita is a Democrat, but her political affiliation is not mentioned in the letter. She represents the 58th House District, which consists of the western half of Enfield.

Thibault alleges no violation in his letter. State law prohibits businesses from making expenditures specifically to assist a candidate. Yet case law generally has interpreted that to mean direct appeals to vote for or support a candidate, which were not made in this letter.

David J. O'Connor, Enfield Federal's president and CEO, said the institution mails out a quarterly newsletter to about 1,200 customers, in which it routinely discusses new hirings and other bank news.

"It wasn't triggered by anything else," he said.

Other articles in the latest newsletter dealt with an American Cancer Society fundraiser, a memorial fund for local military personnel, and new security features for banking online.

Jeffrey Garfield, executive director of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, said his policy is to forward such referrals to the full commission, which then would decide whether it has enough merit to investigate.

The panel's next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Neither Tallarita nor her Republican opponent in the 58th District race, Susan Lavelli-Hozempa, could be reached for comment today.

Oct. 26, 2006 posting-
Cool Justice Report Exclusive:
Enfield Federal Savings Party Time With State Rep. Kathy Tallarita


Anonymous said...

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a's a duck.....crooked, crooked, crooked!

Anonymous said...

Get off your high horse. I'm sure as a laywer you weren't the most ethical person in the whole wide world.

But let's get past all that for a second. Mr. Thibault, I have a question for you. Do you know anything of Kathy Tallarita's opponent in this election? The woman is insane. (Not in a good way like "that party was insane," but in the should-be-medicated sort of way.)

She has all these crazy ideas about politics. She thinks she's going to do such good for our town.

I have no doubt about her intentions, I'm sure she's a good person, but good intentions don't pay the rent, if you know what I'm saying. She has no qualifications to be our Representative, and she doesn't know jack about politics.

Think of it this way: That woman couldn't fill a single sheet of college-ruled notebook paper with her knowledge of government and politics. Kathy Tallarita could write a 30 volume encyclopedia.

And it's not just that she knows a lot. Kathy, does a lot. She does good for our town. Kathy, too, has always had the best intentions and I couldn't think more highly of her or have more respect for her as a person. She's a great leader, she's a powerful leader, and she's the right leader for us.

Let's not replace her with an inexperienced candidate.

Anonymous said...

Just like a desperate Democrat... Attack the person. You come off sounding like either one of Kathy's relatives- or an uninformed boob. A "great & powerful leader?" Are you mistakenly referring to Oz? Describe three bills the esteemed representative from Enfield has introduced in her entire tenure in the General Assembly? Go to Kathy's own website- Only 3 press-releases-one from 2006 and the others from 2002 & 2002. Not the evidence of accomplsihment you'd expect from such a "powerful" leader. Every challenger starts off with less experience than the incumbent. But's its the promise of change, and fresh ideas that sway residents to invest their vote. I think the republicans in Enfield deserve a shot to send a new face to Hartford. This site has shown that the Tallarita era in Enfield has provided us with more fodder & questions than reasons to be proud. I'm one independent voter casting a vote for Lavelli-- and I can't wait until next fall to cast a bunch more against the current council majority as well.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever written to or spoken with your council guy on any issue? I am a lifelong republican who supports my district councilman and he is a democrat. When I need him, he's there for me and my neighbors. I called on speeders, dangerous sidewalks, and how much we spend on schools. I get good answers and always the truth. We argue too but even that is ok.

Some of these guys are good and some aren't. We have to figure who is and then vote for them. The others should be run out of town on a rail. And more new people should run. Not those guys who lose and always get on the ballot again and again. How many times do they need to lose before they understand that people don't want them there.

Call your council guy and and let people on the blog know how you made out. I hope your guy is as good as mine. He is probably another democrat too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This Tallarita family should be in jail and Bromson should be disbarred already.But Enfield loves crooks so we'll continue to get ripped off. Just for the record the title of mayormeans nothing in Enfield. Tallarita is a councilman just like the others. Hewshes he had the power of a real mayor. His longlasting friendship with James Howard on the PZC has helped him greatly too...