Monday, July 16, 2007


U.S. Attorney's Office
Improper Application of Law
Likened to That
Of Emperor Caligula

The Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, in a brief filed July 2, documents a broad and chilling assault on attorney-client privilege by the Connecticut U.S. Attorney's office.

The Association compares the government's tactics in wrongly applying the law to that of the emperor Caligula, "who wrote his laws in very fine print and displayed them high on tall pillars, the more effectively to ensnare people."

The Association brief cites the improper indictment of prominent Greenwich lawyer Philip Russell.

The government action, the Association said, could "open the flood gates enabling the government to criminalize a broad range of traditionally legitimate attorney advice and appropriately zealous advocacy."

Editor's Note:
This bogus case, in effect, would compel defense attorneys to become agents of the government. Click below for the post of the Amicus brief, which was filed by Atty. Moira Buckly of Shipman & Goodwin on behalf of the The Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Amicus brief

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    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the link to the amicus brief. I've been searching for it since it was filed.

    Atty. Russell's case is very interesting and may have quite the impact on client representation.