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Is Leona Helmsley
To Douche Bags
From The Grave?

Judge Kravitz's remarks
Submitted by js on Wed, 08/22/2007 - 19:22.

What this twisted brain heard the Judge say today was in effect "Paula Schwartz: grow up, suck it up, admit that you were wrong, and teach the kids the mature way to settle disagreements." And having seen Paula in action for many years I knew that there was no chance in hell that she would. Leona Helmsley held nothing on her. She brags (at least she did to me) about how many students she expels in a year. Students are guilty until proven guilty (yes, I meant to say that) and their parents are no better. There was no happier day in the last 10 years of my life than the day that both of my kids had graduated from Mills and were no longer within Paula's reach.

There did seem to be a sort
Submitted by am on Wed, 08/22/2007 - 21:44.

There did seem to be a sort of perverse pleasure taken by the administration when it came to the expulsion of students; one of my good friends and I found ourselves in handcuffs in school because of this.

If it was completely up to PS I'm sure we would have found ourselves out of school for far longer than we were, but in the end, the two of us are graduated with bright futures and everything to look forward to; the administration is in a court battle defining 'douche bag', and the Superintendent is 'retiring' at the end of December.

Today in court, the defendants lawyer sank to the level of berating students about anything and everything, including harassing one girl about how she described a teachers name, simply because the scribe couldn't understand the word 'Wing'. They have even gone so far as to subpoena a student who was asleep in class to try to make a fool of him, when all he wants to do is go to his college orientation on Thursday. Who really wins here?

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