Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grand Jury Would Provide Answers For Enfield

Reader Says:

There Is A Lot Going On Here ...
Let's ... See What's Really Going On ...

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I have been reading for months about all of these characters, Big Tony, Roger the Stooge, Phony Tony, etc.

I believe that all people are innocent until proven otherwise. But there is a lot going on here.

I think the answer is simple. The State should stop screwing around, should call a grand jury and get these characters to come in and testify under oath. In particular, the P & Z members seem to be at the core of all of the "alleged corruption". Let's get them in before a grand jury and see what's really going on. How about even the Town Attorney.

The State should put an end to all of this one way or another. It has and continues to totally erode the confidence of us, the Town Citizens in our Town Government and Officials. And if it is real, it needs to be CLEANED UP.

If it is proven real or not, it can serve at the beginning of restoring confidence in our Town Government and Officials.

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  • Enfield Corruption Probe Expands


    Anonymous said...

    Here is a question. How come the Big Tony and his family drive around with dealer plates. Where is the dealership?

    Anonymous said...

    Great post! Let's get this resolved and get our town leaders back looking at what is important, not looking over their shoulders and at each other.