Tuesday, September 04, 2007

China Trip Noted

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While you are at it Mr. Thibault, how 'bout you dig up Paula's expense account for her trips to the"Sister school" in China. What was the purpose of that fiasco? A stepping stone to HER post retirement into the business world! More like telling/ showing where the CONNECTICUT MANUFACTURING JOBS are "landing?" Just how many credit card/airline perks did she and the Assistant Principal net from those trips, NOT to mention local restaurant meals?

Since the two of them are omnipresent IN THE CLASSROOM, ALL FOR THE CHILDREN, that they could walk into the classroom and actually TEACH about China Don't you know that the TAXPAYERS were treated to a real bargain???
DISGUSTED and FED UP with paying for this dog and pony show!

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    Consent of the Governed said...

    Betty Sternberg took a whole entourage to China and came back with a whole lot of plaques and awards and other trinkets which she displayed in her office when she was education commissioner.. She said she liked the length of their school day and would be bringing back "best practices".

    They claimed those trips were not paid for by the taxpayer - but I am not convinced. Apparently other CT educators have also gone to exchange "best practices". (Like we want our schools to be like Chinese schools.. blech.. I understand their teaching methods are horrendous which is why they need such a long teaching day).