Sunday, September 02, 2007

Doninger Second Circuit Appeal Fund

A battle is lost, but the war is not over!

A 34 page decision was rendered by the Hon. Mark Kravitz 45 minutes after the close of court on Friday. Our motion for injunctive relief was denied.

We now head to the 2nd Circuit to appeal the denial and continue to seek injunctive relief. Additionally, we will file trial paperwork. Unlike the very rushed hearing, this will be a jury trial.

Our lawyer, Jon L.Schoenhorn has been incredibly generous with his time and energy. I hope that we win as much to ensure that he gets paid as to protect the First Amendment!

We are asking for your help with raising funds in order to meet the ongoing expenses associated with litigation, including filing fees and court fees. Donations are not tax deductible.

If the erosion of civil liberties makes your blood run cold, please consider chipping in!

For much more information on this important First Amendment fight please see;;

Thanks for helping!


  • Defend Free Speech

  • Also, checks can be made out to Jon L. Schoenhorn IOLTA Account with "Avery Doninger appeal" written on the reference line.

    Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates, LLC
    108 Oak Street
    Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1514


    Anonymous said...

    Really want to know where the taxpayer responsibility lies in this case at the moment. Does this mean that the Doninger's are personally responsible for ANY legal fees?
    Upon reading the court papers filed, it appears that the family IS seeking more than just a reinstatement of their daughter's position. The papers speak of punitive damages and reimbursement of their attorney's fees. If this suit continues on for years, could it possibly bankrupt the school district which is supported by homeowners and NOT businesses?
    Not to be negative, but as a Region 10 taxpayer, I feel that I'm already on the hook for this lawsuit which will probably end up right in there with Anna Nicole Smith's surviving hanger on- ers. The irony should not be lost that the Marshall family of Texas has an AVON, CT attorney representing their interests.

    Anonymous said...

    My guess is that Chinni has billed the town at least 10k for this already. The 30 hrs in court plus the 1hr phone call to Scwartz is 6300 by itself.

    The School District doesn't care about the money because it's not theirs.they have deep pockets with no pain..a very bad thing to have in a lawsuit.

    The reported that the school boards answer to a question about what will happen if the line item money in the budget is gone their answer was We dont know see what happens.

    Maybe it's time to stop letting the School Board using the Doningers as the casue of they problem. Isnt it worth it to back off and save the money. Wouldnt it be fiscally prudent to say have another student election in January and save 20-30k?

    I don't have any first hand knowledge but if the Doninger's could be lucky enough to get the ACLU involved...and they were already..then the School Board will have a big big problem.

    If you live there I would start a campaign to settle this out of court now and make everyone happy .

    Anonymous said...

    "If you live there I would start a campaign to settle this out of court now and make everyone happy ."

    To be brutally honest, as a taxpayer, I am losing sleep over this one. Since $uperintendent $chwartz rode into town, our taxes have gone through the roof. She loves to spend money, and as long as the Doningers elect to fight this woman, Paula will continue to dig into our back pockets to have the frou-frouiest law firm looking out for her. Personally, I feel sorry for Ms. Niehoff. Before anyone flames me, you have to live in this town to know why I'm making that statement.
    I say come election time, ERASE THE BOARD, elect new blood, and Lauren Doninger just might be a person to get on the board and treat people like human beings!

    Anonymous said...

    While you are at it Mr. Thibault, how 'bout you dig up Paula's expense account for her trips to the"Sister school" in China. What was the purpose of that fiasco? A stepping stone to HER post retirement into the business world! More like telling/ showing where the CONNECTICUT MANUFACTURING JOBS are "landing?" Just how many credit card/airline perks did she and the Assistant Principal net from those trips, NOT to mention local restaurant meals?

    Since the two of them are omnipresent IN THE CLASSROOM, ALL FOR THE CHILDREN, that they could walk into the classroom and actually TEACH about China Don't you know that the TAXPAYERS were treated to a real bargain???
    DISGUSTED and FED UP with paying for this dog and pony show!