Sunday, September 16, 2007

i don't like the idea of censorship

Nutmeg Grater

but i DO like the idea of people who are responsible. who treat women as equals. who treat people of all colors as equal. yes, people who have a sense of humor but also have a soul. when one is responsible for publishing a college newspaper, they really should think hard about publishing articles (even 'satirical' - their word NOT mine) stating rape isn't all that bad. especially for unattractive women (you know what happened earlier this year with THAT) AND about publishing articles about pissing on a young grrrl locked in a closet. (the grrrl in the 'cartoon' was latino. i am MORE concerned with the gender of the character than the ethnicity. of course that too is a factor). well think twice unless you go to kkk university. then i would understand (you know what i mean)

i want to know what these MEN are thinking ...

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