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As I watch my kids go through the public school system, I am constantly amazed how the administrators have become fascists. There is a no tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol and now free speech. There is little tolerance for dissent.

I tell my kids that the people implementing these policies were probably the biggest degenerates around 30 years ago. They had long hair, smoked pot, and specialized in contracting esoteric venereal diseases. Larry Craig epitomies this type of so-called public servant.

The only solution is vouchers in my opinion. The only thing that scares this people is the unemployment line and the thought of actually having to do productive work.

Joe Bentivegna

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    Anonymous said...

    The Yankee Institute, CT's only free market think tank has a paln for school chice grants at the local level. Anyone seriously considering school choice in thier towns should go to

    Anonymous said...

    This was taken from the Burlington Town website:

    scroll down and look at the agenda for the Sedpt 10th meeting.

    Introduction of Region 10
    Teacher-of-the-Year – P. Schwartz

    Is this Paula Scwartz superintendant?