Friday, September 28, 2007

Turner To Cocoa Puffs:

You're A Bungler And A Bully

Statement by Mary Ann Turner

According to the Journal Inquirer, Mayor Patrick Tallarita has ordered the town manager and town attorney to "investigate" me, because he is upset that I had a phone conversation with a contractor for a multi-million dollar local project that the Mayor's team has bungled repeatedly.

The JI revealed that I, a private citizen who holds no public office, am being investigated by order of the mayor for alleged "misconduct" and to determine whether I acted "inappropriately" in making a phone call.

Since when is it improper, inappropriate, or illegal for an American citizen to have a phone conversation? When did our private conversations become the business of public servants?

Under whose authority are the Town Manager and Town Attorney "investigating" me, and just what jurisdiction are they claiming?

Who will Mayor Tallarita "investigate" next? The churches? The scouts? The veterans? Is anyone in town, other than his handpicked democratic officer holders, safe from his arrogance?

This is an another obvious attempt to stifle public input, such as when Tallarita refused to let the public speak on the revaluation process; when he refused Republican input on the town budget; and when he stifled public participation at Town Council meetings.

The Enfield Republican Party has put together a quality team that will bring new ideas, and new attitudes to our town, and where all taxpayers have the right to be heard and treated with respect.

Since this is an election year, and the Democratic majority's only platform is a dismal record of increased taxes, reduced services, and inappropriate public behavior, they are left with only personal attacks and intimidation for their campaign.

Mayor Tallarita has resorted to personal attacks on me as the Enfield GOP Town Chairman in hopes of besmirching our team, hoping the diversion will draw voters' attention from his administration's dismal record.

It is reprehensible and far beneath the level of the type of town leaders we deserve and require that Mayor Tallarita has resorted to this type of political attack. Enfield deserves better and the GOP we will make it right!

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    Anonymous said...

    I see Enfield’s Little Napoleon Tallarita has now anointed himself Emperor Pat. This is an incredible but not unexpected escalation of his previous attempts to prevent all forms of discussion that aren’t approved by him in advance.

    Anonymous said...

    Shouldn't Mayor Pat be held accountable for everything that has been wrong in Enfield since he was elected?? So, maybe the Town Manager and Town Attorney should be ordered to investiage him.

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    I think it's high time the manager and Town Attorney investigated whether at Tallarita exercised undue influence over the senior center bond issue. Specifically, they need to see whether his idea to pork together the schools and the senior center was a conflict of interest, because of his mother's longstanding employment as director of the senior center.

    While they're at it, they should also investigate him for leaking information about a pending investigation to the press, possibly jeopardizing the outcome of the investigation.

    Last but not least, they should investigate how the details of Coppler's finacial woes leaked out of the executive session.

    While they're at it, they should also investigate the land deals and bribes from Bernies.

    C'mon Mayor Pat, you must gotta have that receipt somewhere.

    Anonymous said...

    Trying to have the Enfield Police investigate a private conversation between two private citizens- well, I think this has gone over the top even for him. There has got be be more to this story like what is going on with all the contractors that work at Fermi or for the town? Heck contractors and specialist that have to go in front of our boards charge more when they here they are working in Enfield. That is more of an issue than Maryanne warning a contractor how it really is here in Enfield. Come on it is a fact that some people can do business easy while others get screwed. Like how did COX cable get into the Bernies building without going through the normal process like other business's in town. Two different uses in the same building and this just happened! Bernies, Bernies, Bernies maybe it has to do with appliances for certain people. Just Gotta love Enfield. So JI editor why don't you print THAT story? Makes me want to think our mayor has something on you too?

    Anonymous said...

    Here's the thing...The Dems that are left on the Council are just like Pat (Most of them anyway) and if we don't change the leadership there we are in for more of the same, just with a different face. I for one have had it. We need new leadership and new ideas. As a lifelong Dem, I am at the point where I will give the Republicans a chance. Cocoa Puffs & Co. have done nothing but send us back to the corrupt town people worked so hard to fix a few decades ago. I know many of you feel the same way.

    So what can WE do? We have got to tell our friends and neighbors in town. Tell them we need a change and tell them why you are voting for the Republicans. I can't stress enough how much we need to do this. I remember years ago when grassroots efforts were much more alive, unlike today. We ALL need to do this. If we all tell 5 people and ask them to do the same, we can make it happen. We can't afford not to!

    Anonymous said...

    Ironic how "Mayor Coco" hasn't learned anything about the right to "freedom of speech". Especially with the Avery Doninger case so fresh in everyone's mind. Then again, maybe he doesn't read the newspapers (unless its about him?) But one would think after all that has happened to him, he would stop to think BEFORE he opens his mouth and appears even more clueless.

    A private citizen has every right to ask questions. As they should in Enfield, when it comes to the use of their tax dollars (or is that, the "abuse" of their tax dollars).

    November elections are fast approaching, and Enfield's last chance at correcting its present misguided course, is to vote out the "Spend-o-crat" cronies, and elect the Republicans.

    Enfielders, its time to clean house. Spread the word. Vote out all the "Coco disciples"!

    Anonymous said...

    "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"...

    A wise saying for our crooked mayor. Apparently, he didn't pay attention to the Felician Sisters at Montessori school. He was too busy fantasizing about riding his mother's coat-tails to power. Greed and power the Enfield way... he learned it from Kay. Back in the '80s, I tried to get involved in the Enfield Democrats. I didn't get involved because she was in charge. All the politicians- men and women- would kiss her shoes. Talk about someone who was powerful. Were it not for Kay Tallarita, Pat and Kathy would be nothing more than a couple of bungling politicans. Having their mother as senior center was the best advertising that those two could buy.

    Of course it's because of Kay that we have the Nightmare on Elm Street. It's a white elephant that's always desperate for programs.

    It's also her fault that Higgins School has gone to waste. They were ready to turn that into a senior center- restore it, retrofit it with elevators and everything. They would have had tons more room. Instead, she whipped the senior citizens into a frenzy, exaggerating the crime problems in Thompsonville and telling them that they deserved a new senior center. Cocoa Puffs took this bond issue, stuffed the school expansion into it and put it on the ballot, telling people, "if you don't vote for this, your property values will go down". Well, if the revaluation is that cause of the tax increase, maybe we should have voted against it. Now we have to deal with higher debt and higher taxes.

    As a resident of Thompsonville, I think that I deserve a safe neighborhood. I don't deserve the noise or the disruption from the drug dealers Instead of putting that money to a tax cut or to the police, we're spending it on debt service. We also continue to sponsor all these ineffective programs sponsored by town social services. Folks if you want to make a difference, give to private charities. Loaves and Fishes, The Food Shelf, St. Vincent DePaul Society, and AA all make a difference in the lives of local people. But don't trust the town with anything. Enfield's the kind of place where greased palms keep the government going.

    Despite all the valiant efforts of town social services, we have kids involved in alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex as early as middle school. Of course what's needed is for parents to crack the whip- and there are plenty of them in Enfield who don't.

    Also, why does it seem like Thompsonville is the registered sex offender capital of Enfield? I'm afraid to let my grandchildren go out and play. Why do all these perverts end up in Enfield? And what about the dateline predator here in town? Could the police do more to supervise these offenders?

    If the town can arrest Mary Ann for speaking ill of a manager in town government, they can arrest any of us. Apparently the democrats no longer believe in limited governmnet- let's check the a la carte menu for government services and charge it. So why do we keep paying so much money for a failing school system. Is this something we can get without exorbitant budgets?

    Last time I checked, republicans were a private political assocation. Since when did the Town Attorney and the mayor have the jurisdiction to investigate the head of a political party? Isn't this dangerous? What's next- the outright surpression of free speech? You need to be worried. I wouldn't like it if a republican mayor tries to muzzle the democratic party chair. How is thsi different?

    Anonymous said...

    Come on people, get a clue! The move was calculated, not some blunder. Cocoa wants to lose them an election. It's no secret in that party Puffs hates Edgar. Maxellon is fire and Cocoa hates all firemen. But Pruta wins the top prize on the Puffs most hated list. Cocoa was overheard saying he would teach-em a lesson. If you know Puffs, tell him to keep his voice down when he drinks and to pick his friends better. They have big mouths too or maybe they aren't his friends.