Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"We've Lost The First Round -- But There Will Be Others"

Doninger Attorney Jon Schoenhorn
Tells Student Press Law Center

If the decision stands, Schoenhorn said it would be “the first nail in the coffin” for student First Amendment rights.

“The old rules about in school or out of school would be out the window,” he said. “Anything said anywhere — the Internet, on the radio, an underground newspaper could be punished. If this judge is correct, students no longer have First Amendment rights.”

  • Travesty

  • Appeal Filed

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    Anonymous said...

    Well Andy, it's clear you are scraping now, not showing full articles on your blog when you know they don't support your one sided views. Why don't you put the full article up? Because it contradicts all the other blog entries you have made.

    For readers that actually care about the case facts: http://www.splc.org/newsflash.asp?id=1599&year=