Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dangerous Muzzling

I wouldn't like it if a republican mayor tries to muzzle the democratic party chair.

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"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"...

A wise saying for our crooked mayor. Apparently, he didn't pay attention to the Felician Sisters at Montessori school. He was too busy fantasizing about riding his mother's coat-tails to power. Greed and power the Enfield way... he learned it from Kay. Back in the '80s, I tried to get involved in the Enfield Democrats. I didn't get involved because she was in charge. All the politicians- men and women- would kiss her shoes. Talk about someone who was powerful. Were it not for Kay Tallarita, Pat and Kathy would be nothing more than a couple of bungling politicans. Having their mother as senior center was the best advertising that those two could buy.

Of course it's because of Kay that we have the Nightmare on Elm Street. It's a white elephant that's always desperate for programs.

It's also her fault that Higgins School has gone to waste. They were ready to turn that into a senior center- restore it, retrofit it with elevators and everything. They would have had tons more room. Instead, she whipped the senior citizens into a frenzy, exaggerating the crime problems in Thompsonville and telling them that they deserved a new senior center. Cocoa Puffs took this bond issue, stuffed the school expansion into it and put it on the ballot, telling people, "if you don't vote for this, your property values will go down". Well, if the revaluation is that cause of the tax increase, maybe we should have voted against it. Now we have to deal with higher debt and higher taxes.

As a resident of Thompsonville, I think that I deserve a safe neighborhood. I don't deserve the noise or the disruption from the drug dealers Instead of putting that money to a tax cut or to the police, we're spending it on debt service. We also continue to sponsor all these ineffective programs sponsored by town social services. Folks if you want to make a difference, give to private charities. Loaves and Fishes, The Food Shelf, St. Vincent DePaul Society, and AA all make a difference in the lives of local people. But don't trust the town with anything. Enfield's the kind of place where greased palms keep the government going.

Despite all the valiant efforts of town social services, we have kids involved in alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sex as early as middle school. Of course what's needed is for parents to crack the whip- and there are plenty of them in Enfield who don't.

Also, why does it seem like Thompsonville is the registered sex offender capital of Enfield? I'm afraid to let my grandchildren go out and play. Why do all these perverts end up in Enfield? And what about the dateline predator here in town? Could the police do more to supervise these offenders?

If the town can arrest Mary Ann for speaking ill of a manager in town government, they can arrest any of us. Apparently the democrats no longer believe in limited governmnet- let's check the a la carte menu for government services and charge it. So why do we keep paying so much money for a failing school system. Is this something we can get without exorbitant budgets?

Last time I checked, republicans were a private political assocation. Since when did the Town Attorney and the mayor have the jurisdiction to investigate the head of a political party? Isn't this dangerous? What's next- the outright surpression of free speech? You need to be worried. I wouldn't like it if a republican mayor tries to muzzle the democratic party chair. How is thsi different?

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    Anonymous said...

    > democrats no longer believe in limited governmnet-

    No longer?? Excuse me, but Democrats have always been about BIG government. They assume that the little people don't know what's best for them, so the government must make decisions for them.

    Republicans however believe in limited government. They believe that the people know what's best for them. So no need to "big brother" them.

    Clearly, the current Democrats have just about ruined Enfield. Vote these characters out this Novemeber before there's nothin' decent left in this once upon a time, "All American" town.

    Anonymous said...

    > because she was in charge. All the politicians- men and women- would kiss her shoes.

    What's up with the Town of Enfield? Is it "the capital" for lemmings? Why would intelligent people blindly follow behind such a person?

    Frankly, I'm not aware of any other town in CT where a Senior Center Director could be that powerful. How did things get so screwed up in Enfield??

    Voters need to wake up and make people accountable!

    Anonymous said...

    Got a suggestion for Enfield's Mary Ann Turner. Why doesn't she contact Burlington high-schooler and free speech activist, Avery Doninger to see if she'd be willing to visit, and give Enfield's delusional mayor and his buddy, the town attorney, a lil'lesson on one's right to free speech?

    Perhaps Ms Doninger and Ms Turner could conduct this session right on the Enfield Town Green, for all to see? Maybe the local radio and TV stations would also like to cover such an event?

    More Enfield taxpayers should be asking more questions (like Ms Turner is doing). This is America. The Enfield mayor has no right to tell any private citizen who they can talk to. Especially when they're tax dollars are at stake.

    Anonymous said...

    > Were it not for Kay Tallarita, Pat and Kathy would be nothing more than a couple of bungling politicans.

    Isn't that exactly what these two are right now - nothin' more than bungling politicans?

    If it wasn't for their mommy's pull, sounds like these kiddies wouldn't be holding public office. So Mama Tat's influence ain't something to brag about. Its only highlighted the shortcomings of her offbring.

    How long do you think it will be before someone (i.e. one of her kids) has the bright idea to suggest to the Council that the Enfield Senior Center be renamed to the Tallarita Senior Center?

    Anonymous said...

    > What's up with the Town of Enfield? Is it "the capital" for lemmings?

    Lemmings! That's a good one. Yes, Enfield suffers from a severe case of voter apathy. Voters are too quick to pull the lever for the name that sounds most "familiar" (Tallarita, Kiner, Jarmoc, just to name a few), regardless if they're really the best person for the job.

    As long as voters, continue to "vote" this way, Enfielders will merely be following the same ol'cronies.

    Break this in-breeding cycle. Vote in new blood this November!