Monday, October 22, 2007

Do Green Condos Glow In The Dark?

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>slated to be built on Simon Ed, near Scantic Rivershed

Isn't that the project also headed by Mayor Cocoa Puff's real-estate savvy wife and her wheelin', dealin' sidekicks, the Fredricks?

Who in today's housing market, has $300K to plunk down on "green" condos in Enfield? Especially "green" condos
built near a former toxic waste site?

East Windsor is also building some luxury apartments less than 2 miles down the road (also near Scantic River). Where will all these new rich tenants/owners be coming from?? Simon Rd in Enfield is going to get a lot busier when all these new housing complexes are completed.

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    Anonymous said...

    It seems like Tallarita-Frederick aren't the only crooked developers in Enfield. Look at the Stonegate Estates project:

    The principal of Somerset Development is Robert DiGennaro. DiGennaro is a convicted felon and disbarred lawyer. At one time, he was the president of the Suffield Savings Bank. He was rung up on federal charges of securities fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud, along with subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice. This was because he engaged in insider trading- specifically he tipped off his pals to Suffield's merger with Coastal Bank the day before it was announced. He pleaded guilty to suborning perjury and obstruction of justice after being convicted of fraud. Suffield Savings Bank later ended up collapsing as part of the Colonial Realty scandal. Criminal activity isn't confined to DiGennaro's distant past. In recent years, he was cited by the town for hooking up drainage to the storm-water sewers without a permit.

    How pathetic is it that we have have to rely on the likes of DiGennaro and Tallarita-Frederick to build homes in town. And so we're supposed to trust DiGennaro to build a bunch of senior McMansions on environmentally sensitive land near Shaker Pines Lake? What have we come to? He sure did a bang-up job with "Autumn Fields"- those ugly pillbox homes across from the police station. Why should he get a zone change to ruin 61 acres of prime land with more crummy looking homes?

    But if you don't believe me about DiGennaro's criminal past, believe the New York Times:

    Anonymous said...

    This year it seems like the democrats have nothing but bad candidates. The menu seems to be a choice between incompetent and corrupt candidates. Or if you want, you can get the deluxe special that includes both.

    You have Pat Crowley, whose simply running to resign and turn his seat over to his corrupt brother Tony DePace.

    Then you have dumbo David Kiner, who put his stupidity on display at the debate. Poor poor rich boy has never heard of a budget line item- he said so himself. Apparently, he's also never been to a town council meeting either this year. It's no wonder that he thinks he can cut taxes, freeze senior taxes, and spend more money on the school system all at the same time. He must have a Ph.D. from the Phil Giordano School of Budgeting. I just hope he doesn't take Enfield into Waterbury style bankruptcy and receivership. That's supposing that it isn't a ploy to buy senior votes.

    Come to think of it- there aren't that many differences between Enfield and Waterbury- they're both corrupt and have high taxes.

    At this point, I'd sooner take Pat Crowley- at least he knows what he's doing.

    Anonymous said...

    > we're supposed to trust DiGennaro to build a bunch of senior McMansions

    Didn't DiGennaro also build the homes on Taft Lane, Clinton, Bush,
    Wilson, etc? And heaven knows those homes have had their share of problems (shoddy workmanship, drainage, etc.)

    Why does Enfield permit such folks to come to our town, and build expensive crap? Ya notice too that DiGennaro doesn't live in Enfield.

    Anonymous said...

    > At this point, I'd sooner take Pat Crowley- at least he knows what he's doing.

    That's a scary thought since "what" Pat Crowley does best, is follow the leader!!!!!!

    Enfield doesn't need anymore "Pats" in public office.
    Keep them away. Far, far away!

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