Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free Speech Party Band Bios

My Day As A Bear

Bobby Pirotta- rhythm guitar/vocals
Joe Wesneski- vocals/guitar
Chris Powers- drums

Us bear cubs live by one philosophy:
The world is run by the man. The man is everywhere; he's in the white house, down the hall, Miss. Neihoff, she's the man, And the man ruined the ozone, and he burned down the Amazon, and he kidnapped Shamu and put her in a chlorine tank. And there used to be a way to stick it to the man, and it was called rock 'n roll, but the man ruined that with a little thing called MTV. My Day As A Bear is here to stick it to the man.

The Positive Downside

We are The Positive Downside. We are a 10-16 piece ska band from West Hartford, CT. We used to play poppy ska-punk, now we play traditional ska and reggae. We also still have old TPD CD's to sell, so if anyone wants them they're $5.

Young Vick

Carrie Mann- guitar
Jimi Mann- vocals/harmonica
Mike Cohen- drums
Austin Tewksbury- bass guitar

Young Vick is: Jimi Mann, Carrie Mann, Austin Tewksbury, and Mike Cohen. This is their second year as a group, and they have played at many local venues. Their style is unique among today's bands. Carrie, the only senior, has been playing guitar for about six years. Mike has been a drummer since elementary school and is the host for most Young Vick rehearsals. Austin has been playing bass since Young Vick started and, in fact, started playing so he could be in the band. Jimi was just a singer until recently. He picked up harmonica to silence the criticism, "is that all you do?" Together, Young Vick creates sparks like forks in a microwave.


Jack Johnson- drums
Dylan Pesino- vocals
Mike Johnson- guitar
Cameron Dickenson- bass guitar

Adrenaline began about two years ago. Jack and Mike are brothers, so they played music together often. Then they met Cam in the Har-Bur jazz band, and he joined the band. They started off by playing cover songs of their favorite bands. Then they began writing their own music fluently. They have only recently found a singer, Dylan Pesino. Adrenaline has played a couple of large concerts and other small ones. They're music ranges from soft rock to hard rock.


Kate Troiani- vocals
Geoff Martin- guitar
Eric Zenhye- bass guitar
Joe- drums

Accolade has come together to bring the good people of Earth melody. In combining styles such as metal, rock, and opera, Accolade has created a style that it can only call its own. With the powerful voice of Kate Troiani to deliver the message, and Eric, Geoff, and Joe driving it forward, there is no stopping Accolade. Only time will determine where these four will end up. And with most questions answered, the last one remains, "Are you ready to rock?


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