Monday, October 01, 2007

Freedom of speech...only when the principal likes it

The Sam Adams Alliance

The case of Avery Doninger is sweeping the web like wildfire right now.
People believe that citizens--yes, students are citizens, too--have the right to petition their school administrators without the risk of persecution.

The story went like this: Last year, high school junior Avery Doninger was her class's secretary at Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, CT. She led the charge to get a battle-of-the-bands concert to be in the school's gym instead of its cafeteria--neither being an ideal place for a concert, but let's face it, who wants to go to a concert where the lunch lady serves the mystery bean dish of the day?

School administrators denied her and her colleagues' requests, and then got really upset when parents and other taxpayers called in. I mean, wouldn't you if your employment and extremely generous benefits were dependent on keeping people in the dark? Government employees of all shades prefer darkness to sunlight, and Avery had just crossed the line.

Avery later wrote a blog post on her private website calling the administrators some choice names, so they punished her, even going so far as to nullify her victory as senior class secretary. The government-backed...whoops, I mean "school-backed" candidate was placed into office, even though he or she came in second place. This even after Avery apologized for her choice of words.

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