Monday, February 11, 2008

Enfield Reader Wants Answers From Town Officials

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"How did the town get away with that one? Does anyone know?"

That's a good one for our Enfield Council members and other town officials(many do "lurk" on this blog) to look into and explain to

Since there's already a paved road to Scantic River, on land that was donated to Town for a park (the fact that its a Veterans' Park is really sweet) than why isn't the Town opening this park to Enfield residents? Why is the road gated off? Why is the Town looking to create additional access to Scantic (there's access off Bailey Rd - was an organized hike via that path earlier in year).

Isn't this paved road off Simon near where the "Patty Tat & Freddie-Rick" group were looking to build condos?

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  • Enfield Garbage Can Saga Continues

    Anonymous said...

    Don't know much about this "mystery" Enfield park and its paved access to Scantic River, 'cept to say its located just past Kelly Rd and the area is kinda spooky looking.

    There's no street sign, or any indication that its an Enfield park (probably been like this for 20 years).

    And while its gated so cars can't travel down, have seen people and bikers head down there.

    Anonymous said...

    "How did the town get away with that one? Does anyone know?"

    According records,, 69 Simon Rd is Starr property (46 acres). Not sure though if this gated paved road is/was part of the Starr parcel, or belonged to the house on the other side.

    Certainly sounds as if the Town never followed through on the wishes of the "donator" to create a park for Enfield residents.

    Anonymous said...

    "How did the town get away with that one? Does anyone know?"

    Am betting that most on Town Council aren't even aware of this paved road/gate, or that it was suppose to be a park (for the Lurkers, was anyone aware?)

    Since there are no sidewalks on
    that side of Simon Rd, Town
    would likely have to install
    (plus a cross walk) since there would be increased foot and bike traffic from Celtic and Kelly
    neighborhoods. Not to mention the neighborhoods across the street.

    To be honest, that is a rather eery
    looking area & road. Not sure I'd walk down there even if there was a huge sign inviting folks down (not in this day and age).

    While I think the Town of Enfield should certainly make good on the original intent of the donation (if land was donated to be a park, it should be a park), that area would need to be policed once opened to the general public.

    Plus, can't imagine that making the Scantic River accessible to more people, from so many different access points is really the best way to "preserve" the Scantic River.

    Anonymous said...

    Instead of Town of Enfield building their $1 million,
    1 mile bike path to the town dump,
    they should build a longer bike path down Simon Rd, to this not-yet existing ('cept for the paved road and gate) Scantic River Town park.

    All those living in the adjoining neighborhoods would be more likely to use a bike path to get to & from
    JFK Middle School or Holy Family church, or to connect to Weymouth Rd (which got new sidewalks this Fall).

    Has anyone ever taken a good look at the sidewalks on Simon Rd up to Weymouth? Much of them are right off the road. Literally its Simon road, broken curb, slanted sidewalk.

    Simon Rd area could use decent sidewalk & bike path more than Town Farm Rd (where no one walks). A bike path on Simon Rd could lead folks to this park and onto East Windsor.