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Comment & Question @ Courant Today Re: Niehoff Letter

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Meriden, CT
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andy thibault wrote:
BURLINGTON, CT – Is the Karissa Niehoff letter, sent to Midwestern educator Mike Morris, the real deal?

  • Looks authentic, but as you know, better to verify it before dragging it into court.
    It appears that the e-mail was written on Saturday morning, so that would not have originated from the school computer. Next question:
    If Ms. Niehoff did indeed write this e-mail and used her home computer, should the taxpayers have to pay to defend her for something she did while off school grounds?

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    Anonymous said...

    I've got several angles of response to the above.

    1) I know that every administrator at my school has been issued a laptop that they can and do use at home for work purposes, even on the weekend.

    2) I know that my school district provides a webmail feature that allows employees to check and respond to emails from our homes at night, on the weekend, and even over the summer -- with the understanding that the communication is to be for school purposes.

    3) Just because it is Saturday doesn't mean that Niehoff wasn't at the school. I know that my building principal works several hours after the school day ends many days -- and puts in a few hours on Saturday if he needs to, especially if he is going to be the on-duty administrator supervising an extracurricular activity (such as a ball game) that day.

    Anonymous said...

    You did not DIRECTLY answer my queston about whether or not taxpayers should pay for Ms. Niehoff's use of what is more than likely personal time on Saturday morning.
    You just gave me the low down about taking home a personal computer for work. I'm a respected TENURED teacher outside of Region 10. I'm married to a business person with a great paycheck and we live in Region 10 district.

    Spouse's paycheck sticks for more taxes than most people gross, AND Region 10 school tax is more than I take home!Didn't get a stimulus check, so CRUCIFY ME!
    I know ALL about the perks of bringing home a laptop. Yeah...I work on weekends, but there is still a part of me that IS TOTALLY ME and NOT school.
    I will admit that I do like Ms. Niehoff, BUT, IF she wrote this e-mail, I have to question her professionalism and judgment. I'm worn out with all of this. Face it, she is an administrator and I'm just a teacher and I know better than to discuss a child with someone other than his/her parent. I have a file of divorce decrees that makes my head spin because I have to read to figure out if I can be sued for answering an inquiry from a non custodial parent.
    I'm not happy with this lawsuit, but if Ms. Niehoff wrote this letter, DAAAANG! I'm going to stop short of saying what I really think!