Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*** Somali Pirates Take [Abbreviated* - see breaking news link] Break For Jewish Holidays

Raise Star Of David
Over Captured Ship

"None of us Somali pirates are Jewish ... Except for Abe in accounting, who's half."


Somali pirates who stunned the world by seizing a Ukrainian ship in the Gulf of Aden announced today that they would take a brief hiatus from terrorizing the high seas out of respect for the Jewish holidays.

"To all of our Jewish friends, we say a hearty Shana Tova," said pirate spokesman Sugule, moments before the pirates hoisted a Star of David flag over the captured ship.

Sugule took pains to indicate that while the pirates were taking a Rosh Hashanah break from their usual plundering and pillaging schedule, they were doing so only out of respect for Jewish pirates and not because they are Jewish themselves.

"None of us Somali pirates are Jewish," he said. "Except for Abe in accounting, who's half."

In a related story, former president Bill Clinton, who had earlier said he would not campaign for Barack Obama until after the Jewish high holidays, announced today that he would extend his hiatus until Purim, which falls on March 10, 2009.

Responding to Mr. Clinton's decision to remain on the sidelines until four months after the election, Sen. Obama issued the following terse statement: "Oy."

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