Saturday, October 09, 2010

Abominable Snowman Lurking Near Szechuan Tokyo

Yeti Watch Photo

Editor's Note: The above portion of this post was offered as a Public Service Announcement in cooperation with Homeland Security and the Better Business Bureau.

Poetry By Jon Andersen

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  • Connecticut Review Interview With Poet Jon Andersen

  • See Jon Thursday @ Szechuan Tokyo

    Watch for breaking news
    on vocal / instrumental opening to the show

  • Szechuan Tokyo Calendar

  • CAPTION --
    MC Rand Cooper, the novelist and travel writer for Bon App├ętit, bottom left, with Hartford pro boxer Chip Perez & poet / CCSU Prof Ravi 'I Don't Play The Sitar' Shankar; Ravi performs in New London; Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, the poet, playwright and painter, sings for his supper in New York; poet Kate Rushin does the Ali shuffle; poet Jon Andersen, ready to rumble.

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    for full view

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  • Poetry By Iyaba Mandingo

  • Szechuan Tokyo Facebook Page: BATTLE OF THE GIANT POETS

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