Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Free Speech Cases Heading To U.S. Supreme Court?

update october 2011:
SCOTUS Ducks Famous Douche Bag Case ...
... Summary: Avery Doninger Told The Truth.
Judge Kravitz Blew Most Of The Case --
Except Banning Of Free- Speech T-Shirts;
Douche Bag School Bosses Walked

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Message To School Bosses
Who Punish Students
For Expressing
Constitutionally-Protected Political Opinion:

  • Report On Calif. Douche Bag Case Notes 2nd Circuit Ruling Pending -- More Than A Year ~!@#$%^&* -- In CT

  • I Wish They All Could Be California Douche Bags

  • What to do when lawyers lie about public records:

    File grievances. In practice, the Connecticut and federal disciplinary committees probably will not hold lying lawyers accountable -- even though this behavior is hardly consistent with the rules of professional conduct. If the disciplinary committees did hold lawyers accountable in such matters, their case loads initially would increase wildly.

    But, the filing of the complaints wake them all up a little bit.

    Also, demonstrate how the lying lawyers and the truth are complete strangers. In the following audio, then-Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission Chairman Andrew O'Keefe characterizes as "offensive" the diversion and delay by attorney Christine Chinni and former Region 10 School Superintendent Paula Schwartz when they were asked on Aug. 1, 2007 to produce write-in ballots from a stolen election.

    "With regard to this copy of a copy of an original," O'Keefe told Chinni, "That is offensive. I would never want to see a request denied on that basis."


    Docket #FIC 2007-418, 421 & 458: Andy Thibault v. Paula Schwartz, Superintendent of Schools, Regional School District #10

  • Audio of this hearing, posted @ the Register Citizen


    HGTV Honors ECSU Student /
    Free Speech Freedom Fighter For Community Service

    Avery Doninger was selected as the HGTV Community Crusader for the month of September. In addition to a $5,000 award and $5,000 donated to charity in her name, HGTV made this one-minute video.

  • HGTV Video

  • Avery Doninger is making a difference. After serving in AmeriCorps NCCC, Avery, who is 19, started college and immediately found a way to be of service in the community as a regular volunteer at the soup kitchen and a wintertime shelter.

  • HGTV Complete Announcement

  • Avery Doninger Clearing Rubble And Reporting From Haiti

  • Still Waiting To Hear From U.S. 2nd Circuit On Free Speech Case

  • Avery Doninger: Standing Up For All Of Us

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