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Rescue Donor Matt Daly With CT Young Writers, State Capitol, As Entry Deadline Countdown Heats Up

-- Logan Leduc, Mikaela Adams, Ian Macdonald, Aminah Muhammad, Razvan Stoian, all of Rockville High School, with Sheldon Gaskell of Suffield High School / Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, 3-8-11.
CT Young Writers Trust Photo by BOB THIESFIELD

HARTFORD COURANT -- The Connecticut Young Writers Trust Tuesday announced a renewed schedule of activities for 2011 -- after it had faced dissolution but, in the words of its organizers, "crawled out of the grave in December to resume operations for its 14th year."

At a press conference in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, the group announced that a "rescue donor" contributed $10,000 and the Connecticut State University System -- which has provided poets and writers from all four of its campuses since the writers program's inception in 1998 -- resumed logistical support.

The deadline is next Tuesday for the trust's 2011 competition for teen-aged writers of prose and poetry. The group says it will be able to distribute thousands of dollars in prizes this spring. Details are on Its website is at

For more information, contact Young Writers Trust Executive Director Ron Winter at or 860-228-6803.

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  • -- Sheldon Gaskell is the 2010 State Prose Champion

    --Aminah Muhammad is a junior at Rockville High School. She was a prose semi-finalist in last year’s competition. This year Aminah won a Scholastic Gold Key for Prose. She is in the Finals for the Ct Youth Slam Team.

    -- Mikaela Adams is a junior at Rockville High School. She was a prose semi-finalist in last year’s competition. This year she is attending the Breadloaf New England Young Writers conference. She is also in the finals for the CT Youth Slam Team.

    Major Event Sunday, March 13

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