Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Louis The Frog Reports Progress In Boardwalk Repair At Little Pond, White Woods, Litchfield, CT

Friday, Sept. 30

White Memorial: The Boardwalk is currently impassable...I mean..REaLLY impassable...flooding from yesterday's rain ...

  • Ongoing Repairs Via Litchfield Biz

  • Louis The Frog, in an exclusive interview with The Cool Justice Report, reports laborers are working mightily to tear up and rebuild the smashed boardwalk at Little Pond, White Woods, Litchfield, CT.

    The guys are salvaging as much of the damaged wood as they can to use again for the rebuilt structure," Louis said. "As a frog, that kind of conservation means a lot to me."

    Louis could not say when the work might be completed. He noted several sections of the boardwalk leading up to the smashed sections are also being rebuilt.

    Recent storms tore up and smashed the boardwalk -- a 1.6 mile lap around Little Pond -- at a couple key intersections.

  • Smashed Little Pond Boardwalk, White Woods, Litchfield, CT

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