Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penguin Prison's Occupy Wall Street Video

I wrote and recorded "Don't Fuck with My Money" some time before the Occupy Wall Street protest began but I felt that some of the lyrics reflected the sentiments that a lot of people have right now. Inspired by OWS and by the other protests that have sprung up all over the world I decided to film a video for "Don't Fuck With My Money" at the Occupy Wall Street March that went from Zuccotti Park to Times Square. I intended the video to be a tribute to and not an exploitation of the protest. Filming it was an amazing experience and I hope the video can help to bring their message to even more people than it has already reached.

The press release that was sent out recently claiming the song was "fast becoming an anthem of the movement" was totally over the top and does not reflect what I think at all. I apologize for the confusion and look forward to working with the occupy wall street movement to help their cause in any way I can.

-- Chris Glover (Penguin Prison)

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