Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Secret Order To Seal Badaracco Murder Report

Gospel of Luke, 12:3 -- aka Rx for Cover-up

`Whatever in the darkness ye said, in the light shall be heard: and what to the ear ye spake in the inner-chambers, shall be proclaimed upon the house-tops'

... The Badaracco case was so messed up it had to have had help going south. Police initially were indifferent about the victim’s shattered car windshield, only to search for the vehicle unsuccessfully many years later ...

Chief Justice mum on secret orders, missing & hidden files

--Chief Justice Rogers

What happened to the disappearing 3,000-page grand jury transcript?

--Chief State’s Atty. Kane

What’s to stop them from ditching the Badaracco file?

Information is easy to manipulate when held by a small number of people. This is especially true when there are no checks and balances or viable oversight.

“Once upon a time we had a functioning grand jury system in Connecticut when I was in the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office ... between 1978 and 1986 and the grand jury was a workable investigative tool.”

These are the words of the current chief state’s attorney, Kevin Kane, testifying before a legislative hearing in 2007 ...

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