Monday, August 26, 2013

How ‘Correction’ Dept Treats Volunteers, ‘Rehabilitates’ Prisoners

'I’m not a bit surprised. If DOC could have those female inmates in four point restraints 24/7 it would make many of them very happy. They have systematically removed more and more rehabilitative programs over the years. Now banning books. The place is a storage facility.'

Sampling, books and periodicals banned / censored by CT jail authorities
• Complete list via link; Wally Lamb books* reinstated after public outcry

A Game of Thrones
The Profiler
Too Cruel, Not Usual Enough [by prison reform activist Louis Rodriguez]
2013 Consumer Action Handbook
Coalition for Prisoners Rights
Hip Hop Weekly
Prison Legal News
The New Yorker
She’s Come Undone*

New York Magazine

Car and Driver

Field & Stream
Men’s Health
Vanity Fair

I’ll Fly Away*

The Qur’an
New York City’s Graffiti Writers

  • List of banned and approved books and periodicals

  • Truth in labeling:
    CT Dept. of Ignorance, Recidivism, Sadism

    Our prison economy gives huge leeway to those who control the jail cells, the corridors, the unseen and what passes for libraries. Every now and then we get a glimpse of the hidden reality: Any expression of hope or humanity must be stamped out; dare to act as a person and you certainly will be punished.

    This is why actual education is a threat to business as usual at the Niantic jail – aka York Correctional Institution – or any other jail in Connecticut ...

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  • Fastest backflip in state history: Oprah fav book by volunteer Wally Lamb back on shelf

  • -- Bonnie Foreshaw photo via the documentary film, The Nature of the Beast
  • Bonnie Foreshaw story goes international

  • WNPR transcript and podcast on Foreshaw case

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