Monday, February 24, 2014

#GlenJohnson took up boxing to lose weight; still learning at 45

Hey, like many others I can only take so much of Woody Allen, sex assault cases and the standard fare of corruption stories.

Needing a break with something more wholesome, I turned to the boxing game in Rhode Island. Talk about a cleansing breath: I haven’t felt this pure since absorbing the bounty of Tuscan vineyards and immersing in Mediterranean salt and sun.

Ah, Providence: Even if not quite the embodiment of the Platonic ideals of truth and beauty, I can at least hail the elemental transparency of a consensual brawl in a milieu where every piece of turf is highly-contested.

Drawing me to the Twin River Casino boxing arena was 45-year-old Glen Johnson, an honest and earnest laborer, a gentleman and a senior citizen in his chosen vocation.

I saw Johnson fight in Hartford five years ago ...

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