Monday, February 10, 2014

Yale's botched #WoodyAllen report used as a club on #DylanFarrow; that is telling


#LesleeDart touts Richard Cohen’s display of willful ignorance in The Washington Post

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'Fact check that escaped NY Times'

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  • Via TheWrap: Following #WoodyAllen’s ‘final word,’ Dart's PR barrage

  • The Elkan Abramowitz Fantasy Special:

    #WoodyAllen’s true Oscar contender

    The Elkan Abramowitz Fantasy Special – as told to CNN’s Erin Burnett and Nightline’s Juju Chang among many others – has driven much of the false and misleading coverage about Dylan Farrow’s open letter accusing her adoptive father Woody Allen of sexual assault.

    Abramowitz is Allen’s long-time lawyer and public voice.

    In the lawyer role in this case, Abramowitz has a zero batting average.

    Abramowitz lost two ethics complaints against the Connecticut prosecutor who found probable cause to arrest Allen. Abramowitz lost the custody battle with Mia Farrow.

    Why, then, is this clown taken seriously? Why is he paid in the range of $1,000 per hour and considered one of the top lawyers in Manhattan?

    A couple lawyers asked me those questions.

    The short answer: Abramowitz is extremely clever at confusing issues, parsing words and changing the course of a conversation in a nanosecond. Just watch his recent performances on CNN, Nightline and in other forums. It helps, of course, if his spiels go on without substantive challenge. One striking exception is Maureen Orth’s Feb. 7 post of 10 bullet points at Vanity Fair ...

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  • Fact check that escaped NY Times

  • HuffPostLive peels away veneer

  • Incisive reader, Re; #WoodyAllen story line

  • NEW @ConnecticutMag: Retired prosecutor rips #WoodyAllen’s @nytimes retort

  • Blast from the past: #GloriaSteinem’s support of NYC caseworker fired in #WoodyAllen probe

    Page Six clip from 1995; click on image for better viewing:

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