Thursday, June 19, 2014

Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information announces open government award recipients

  • Connecticut Newsroom post by Matt DeRienzo

  • Fire and brimstone from CCFOI President Jim Smith
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    HARTFORD -- A police chief, a state senator, an FOI Commission employee and two journalists have won the annual open government awards from the nonprofit Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, which has been advocating for freedom of information for six decades.

    Blogger and Digital First Media columnist Andy Thibault received the Stephen A. Collins Award for his dogged pursuit on virtually every FOI battlefront in the past year ...

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  • Chief Matt Reed at Hartford Club with Mary Connolly, retired editorial page editor of the Danbury News Times. Behind Reed is Claude Albert, retired managing editor of the Hartford Courant.
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  • Blast from the past: Police Chief Matt Reed at Register Citizen newsroom cafĂ©

  • Big thanks to CCFOI, sources, readers, editors and colleagues from Cool Justice
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