Friday, December 26, 2014

Strong finish ‘14 @cooljustice: 3 books & more news to come

It’s hard to make sense of any year, or era, especially when you’re in it. Anyhow, here’s a quick shot:

Louis The Coin’s memoir has been about eight years in the making. Thanks to a collaboration with Franz Douskey and IceBox Publishing, “You Thought It Was More” is now an EBook, soon to be out in print.

Dr. Joe Bentivegna’s reflection on a year of service in Haiti continues to bewilder him, his family, friends and colleagues. The seventh edition of “The Neglected and Abused … ,” also via IceBox, is available in both electronic and print editions. I was happy and honored to edit the seventh edition.

“more COOL JUSTICE,” my second collection of columns, brings me to new crossroads. What next? This fork in the road has many prongs, and the view is not so clear.

Stay tuned.

Note: All three* books are available via Amazon Kindle and IceBox [links below] as well as your local bookstore. Special thanks to Todd Wood, principal of IceBox Publishing.

*Louis The Coin print edition scheduled for January 2015.

“You Thought It Was More” is a profane and raucously funny memoir from the world’s greatest counterfeiter, Louis ‘The Coin’ Colavecchio.

Colavecchio, who created mass quantities of undetectable slot machine tokens, writes with commanding vigor about his wild adventures throughout the US and Europe His talents as a jeweler, manufacturer and man of romance are part of the historical record – as seen on The History Channel and The BBC. It might be an understatement to say Colavecchio changed the face of casino gambling forever.

Ride with Louis The Coin at 160 mph in his Lamborghini making score after score. From Providence to Atlantic City and Vegas to Rome, Milan, Florence and Geneva, he’s the genuine article. As one of the cops who arrested Louis notes in the introduction, “He was very creative, an artist.” Who knew metallurgy could be riveting? What? You thought it was more …

  • Louis The Coin EBook

  • Louis The Coin print edition

  • An eye surgeon remains filled with happiness and despair two decades after his year of volunteer service in Haiti.

    Dr. Joe Bentivegna still confronts questions that have no answers, including whether volunteer service simply takes the pressure off governments.

    Here you will see young children revived from the brink of death and dying in Bentivegna’s arms. The writing is compelling. His chronicle of the diseases generated by poverty should be used as a textbook in disciplines including medicine, history economics and sociology.

    Bentivegna confronts unvarnished and basic questions of existence. He is plain-speaking and direct, often frustrated and sometime politically-incorrect.

  • Joe Bentivegna EBook

  • Joe Bentivegna print edition

  • "more COOL JUSTICE" shows that the odds can be beaten.

    I was inspired to compile this second collection of columns when – after decades of banging my head against the wall – I actually got a good result: Freedom for Bonnie Foreshaw.

    Beyond that I’m grateful for the chance to express my views on subjects including the politics of justice, good and bad cops and prosecutors and judges, poets, writers, boxers, musicians and artists.

    "more COOL JUSTICE" takes the reader into the depths of major stories including the Woody Allen sex assault case, the Michael Skakel appeal, the imprisonment of a transgender teen without charges, struggles in girls sports to establish equal rights via Title IX and the widespread assault on a bedrock of democracy – the public’s right to know.

    I continue to pursue several stories that involve law enforcement corruption and demand resolution, in particular the Caporino, Badaracco and Smolinski missing person / homicide cases.

    Thank you readers, sources, colleagues and especially all those who labor for Bonnie and other victims of injustice.

  • more COOL JUSTICE EBook

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