Thursday, December 29, 2016

[updated*] Suggested reading and listening, 2017: THE BLACK BACK-UPS and other poems, by Kate Rushin

University of St. Joseph students, West Hartford, CT,
With Kate Rushin Following Poetry Workshop, 2-22-17 ...

usjct This afternoon some of our students had the pleasure of meeting successful writer, teacher, and feminist Kate Rushin. We had the pleasure of hearing her read The Bridge Poem along with many others. Thank you Kate for joining us here at USJ today! #usjct #poetry #katerushin

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  • Upcoming: Kate Reads Friday, Feb. 24 With Nat Reeves Jazz Combo, 'Nat Reeves State of Emergency,'

    At The Artists Collective, 1200 Albany Ave. (corner of Woodland Street) in Hartford.

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  • Kate joins Colin’s WNPR Nose panel for discussion of "Manchester By The Sea"

  • * Ongoing updates to include
    upcoming appearances

    Plz see links below for poems, articles

  • Leisure listening, Kate Rushin on NPR

  • The Bridge Poem

  • Kate's website

  • News reports:

  • Hartford Courant

  • Harvard Crimson

  • Photos by BOB THIESFIELD

    In photo above the book jacket, Kate fired up a diverse crowd of poets, writers, boxers, students, business leaders, cops and academics with her version of the Ali Shuffle. The event took place Jan. 15, 2010 at The Hartford Club.

    Directly above, Kate joins colleagues Gaby Calvocoressi and Binnie Klein, taking a breather after many rounds of poetry and prose. The festivities -- including writing workshops, two bands and a boxing exhibition -- drew about 150 guests to the Hartford Club

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