Sunday, October 11, 2020

ICYMI: New song by Rick Reyes, composed for Louis the Coin Zoom extravaganza, premiered Oct. 6, 2020 @morrislibraryct @RickReyesMusic @CosmicJibaros @LOUIStheCOINbio w/ Testimonial by Louis daughter, link to complete program

Testimonial by Louis daughter Susan:

I would like to thank everyone for being “here” virtually to memorialize my dad. He considered many of you his close friends, and at times shared with me some stories of the interactions he had with each of you. My father to me was always that “happy go lucky” guy who was hard not to love. His gregariousness and “I can do anything” attitude kept him moving throughout his life. He was a man that truly lived his life to the fullest with his countless life experiences, which I can assure you some never made it to paper. He was still composing ideas for story lines only a year ago. To some he was the infamous “Louie the Coin,” to others he was a brilliant guy who could do just about anything, creative and talented, but to me he was my Dad, the father that would be impossible to forget for so many reasons. I cherish all of the memories forever embedded in my heart, both in health and in sickness. Rest in peace Dad (Papa Lou) and thank you for watching over me every day.

You thought it was more?

Complete event video posted at Louis book site

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