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More Enfield Comments

I have a few questions and comments: Why isn't our local papers lookinginto or printing any of this stuff? Chris Powell editor of the JI seems to write articles for this site but never uses any of the information to start a investigation through the newspaper. Why is that? As a person that has read the information on this site questions have certainly been raised. I think the players in Enfield are too close and a local police investigation won't be trusted by the towns people. Andy and Jim Brewer are sending his own message to Tallarita through his articles First Steps on the Path to Corruption how good politicians go bad. If you read these postings you will understand more. I certainly wouldn't be trying to bad mouth Andy &Jim around town. We don't believe your lies anymore. I also got a letter pointing me to this site but like many others I already knew about it. I am glad that people are concerned enough that they want the general public to be aware.There are more people that know about the site than don't but feel free to pass the word.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 10/05/2006 06:26:53 AM

We agree! Andy was the lone voice, then other people started to talk. Deep Cannole where are you?

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 10/02/2006 10:03:26 PM

Dear Jimmy,

Why has Enfield spent over $16,000 (though July 06) in outside attorney fees against the Sisters?

Why did the P&Z sue the ZBA to overrule it's decision to say that the parking area was clearly present for over 60 years?

Why did P & Z go against the testimony of so many of it's own citizens, who stated under oath that they parked in that parking area in the late 1950's and early 1960's?

How many times has P & Z sued ZBA in the last ten years? (I can only find one time.) So why on this matter?

Why did the Town of Enfield Attorney write a two page summary of the case and post it on the town web site with links to all the related matters? The Town has never done that before on any other case, so why now? Why this case?

Why did the head of P & Z ask the zoning enforcement officer to go out and look at the parking area in the first place?

Why did not any one in Enfield Town goverment step forward and look into this rather than let it go to the courts?

Here are some of the facts:

The Felician Sisters have owned the 11 acre property since 1932.

The Felician Sisters have operated a school at that location since 1944. What other businesses in Enfield can you name that have been at the same location since 1944?

The Felician Sister ran a kindergartenthere in the early 60's educating as many as 300 children in two session day. (I attended kindergarten there in 1964 before going to St Joseph's School) The sisters help educate Enfield children before the Enfield School system even had a kindergarten.

The Felician Sisters go before the Historical and P & Z in 2003 in order to add a break room to their school. Not to expand enrollment only to add a meeting room. (Look at the additions to all the Enfield elementary schools including Enfield Street School right behind the OLD TOWN HALL)

The Town of Enfield issued a cease and desist order against the Sister December of 2003.

The Town of Enfield has a system of checks and balances let's say. The check for the Planning and Zoning Commission P & Z is the Zoning Board of Appeals ZBA.

The Felician go before P&Z to explain that their parking area has been in existance since the school started in 1944. TheSisters had dozens of Enfield residents to testify that they parked in that area as early as 1957. P&Z rules against the Sisters.

The Sisters go to the ZBA with dozens of Enfield residents who again testify that they parked in that area since 1957; ZBA rules in favor of the Sisters. Some of those that testified are no longer with us (Mr. Roncari to name one).

Then P & Z sues ZBA and the Sister must go to court to protect a parking area that we all have driven by all of our lives.

When the Judge asks "can this only be about an area that was graveled 13 years earlier without any compliants?"


When the unlimited resources of the Town of Enfield were used against the Sisters, Andy Thibault was the lone voice asking "how can this be right and why?".

Posted by Brendan Begley to The Cool Justice Report at 10/02/2006 11:35:41 AM

Mary Ann Turner here, I just received an e-mail about being blogged by a "fun" Republican. Just to set the record straight, I haven't even been following the blog, let alone the comments sections, until today.

First, I am surpirse at all the anonymous writing. I for one have no problem signing my name.

Second, Pat Tallarita, does show poor judgement sometimes. The question I have about the "nun" incident, isn't should they have a drive way or not (but I'm glad they won) but about the posting on the town website with hotlinks and two pages of description.

Now that is a gross misuse of town resources.

The question you should ask yourself is why for this litigation did Pat request the town council to state its position, when in the past it always has been "no comment."

If they (Town Council) have now decided that litigation should be posted on the town website, let's see everything.

As for asking Pat, Greg, Tony or myself to "step off" so to speak, I say..."no can do." But I know that all of us would be happy to see more "hands on deck" so to speak.

Things you should consider:

If you have ideas to share, come to the Council meetings.

Think you can make a difference, join your town committee.

Have the spine to put yourself out there, run for office.

If an elected official or appointed board member steps off the legal road, well, they will have to face the consequences.

If a political figure gives the impression of inappropriate behavior or misuse of their position, they should be investigated.

As Town Chairman come to our town committee meeting (10/12). You may just find that I am not the "big bad guy" you think I am.

The TC meeting is at 7:30 tomorrow night, hope you will join me. Pat will let you talk for 5 minutes.

Posted by Mary Ann Turner to The Cool Justice Report at 10/01/2006 04:11:30 PM


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