Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Nov. Comments, Enfield

LARGE MARGE - I URGE you to change your party affiliation today if possible.

Clearly you're involved for your own selfish motives (or maybe just the free beer on election night). If you were really at HQ at all Tuesday night you'd know what Mrs. Turner really did.

Alas, you make yourself feel better by attempting to pin the GOP's outcome on Mary Ann... The candidates stepped up to run. The Town Committee and their supporters ran a good race, and they lost. Neither race was close. The formal act of concession was not neccessary. The Enfield Democrats last year were just as "classless" in receiving visiting candidates to their HQ. Charlie and Sue were still quite angry in their defeats, and if they didn't feel like putting an act on publicly for the victors and the leering DTC that's their perrogative. You're attempt to tie that back to the ideas of the Republican Party, Marge, is misguided and unfortunate-- and it shows that you're really not that pricipled in your political beliefs.

Congrats to Karen and Kathy. Please do well.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 08:29:18 AM

Hey David Kiner- You ought to think twice next election about aiming a moving car at a congressman and voters.
Your dad and you thought it was funny-"Extra points if you can knock down the whole group", is what you were told.

Disappointing behavior, David, even in jest. Show more respect for your officials and the election process, please.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 08:42:37 AM

The Republicans in Enfield need Stokes back in charge...

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 08:42:50 AM

Right, because things were so much better under Stokes. (I like Greg, just making the point)

Republicans haven't won an election since Ballard ran the show.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 09:30:01 AM

Maryann has great organizational skills and a real passion for beating Tallarita. Not too shabby but frankly leadership is not her specialty. Sorry Mrs. Turner, we need you but just not out in front.

Posted by JayTown to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 06:11:44 PM

Troianos and just about everyone else in enfield with money are dirty white trash, they joke about how cheaply they can buy the local politicians.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/09/2006 08:07:10 PM

Why do I get the feeling that it is the same person defending the corrupt officials, no facts in defense are offered instead just immature name calling. How can you defend trying to run nuns and their school out of town? Enfield needs to wake up, and rein in their corrupt leaders and residents. It has been a widely known fact for years that this exists, and thank god Andy has devoted his time, and courage to finally expose it. I just wonder why the republicans sit by complicitly and watch it happen, those who know and do nothing to stop it are just as guilty.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/12/2006 06:27:06 AM

Enfield federal is as deep into this corruption as anybody, bydoing business wit enfield federal you are fueling this madness. I advise everyone to close their acct.s there.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/12/2006 06:48:18 AM

I am a home owner in the vicinity of the Yale Court subdivision. I have reviewed many minutes of the PZ an Inland Wetlands commissions for this development approved for Ridgewood Homes LLC. I am appalled at this mess! To say the least, the amount of vegetation removed and not replaced, berms not put in, a road that appears to be a driveway in no way a safe road. What kind of people do we have on the PZ and Inlands commissions that approved this? Is anyone taking notice or do you just don't give a damn? Mr. Giner, Anthony DiPace, Gretchen Pheiffer-Hall, has any one of you ventured down to see this mess? Conservation easements, protocals, berms, replantings where the hell are they? Everyone knows the political ties to this venture. Is this the reason for the lack of follow-up? If the architectural landscaping is any indication of the building Mr. Fredrick does, I'm sure these homes will sink as nicely as the land erodes!

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/21/2006 04:09:34 PM

The glacier indeed will get larger. Take a real close look at the shoddy road put in or is it just an extended driveway? If you look at the minutes to the meetings: Inland wetlands and PZC: trees and vegetation were to be trimmed not removed unless necessary. Jose Giner, Anthony DiPace and Gretchen Pheiffer-Hall, have you been down there to take a look or are you ignoring this because of the Tallarita ties? Ridgewood Homes LLC and those behind it should be banned from building: integrity and common sense obviously have been left out or our commissioners representing the towns best interest care more about their politics than the tax payer! Enfield taxpayers will be paying for the aftermath of this mess! Watch the mud move into the black top looks great! Erosion, who cares? It's only wetlands and a conservation area that once had protection.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11/23/2006 06:30:23 AM

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure Frederick will use his standard M.O. in this project: do shoddy work, then dissolve the company so there can be no blame later on. Case in point: the Highmeadow/Southmeadow area from the late 80's, talk to some of those homeowners about the lousy job he did.