Thursday, November 23, 2006

Young Writers Competition Expands To Czech Republic

Czech Young Writer To Dublin In 2007

November, 2006:
IMPAC is pleased to announce the agreement with Czech newspaper Lidove Noviny to begin a Young Writers Award in the
Czech Republic.

Founded and sponsored by IMPAC, an international productivity specialist with its European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, the IMPAC Young Writers Award recognizes writers from around the world for their literary achievements. Competitions are conducted at the local level and through area sponsors.

Lidove Noviny's cooperation will allow one lucky Czech Young Writer to come to Dublin in June 2007 for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. This year, Young Writers from the U.S.A. and Malaysia won a week's holiday in Dublin, where they attended the 2006 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award announcement and Award dinner, as well as writers' workshops and tours of Dublin attractions.

IMPAC welcomes Lidove Noviny's co-sponsorship, and looks forward to many years of Czech Young Writers in Dublin.


The IMPAC Young Writers Award began in Litchfield, Connecticut, U.S.A. in 1998 as the initiative of Dr. James B. Irwin, Sr., Chairman of IMPAC worldwide. At its inception the award allowed aspiring and emerging teen writers to gain confidence and recognition for their literary efforts. In conjunction with the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, it is a reflection of IMPAC's interest in the promotion of the written word.

Irwin and retired Connecticut State University System Chancellor Bill Cibes expanded the Young Writers Program from Litchfield County to cover the entire state in of Connnecticut in 2000. Chancellor David Carter, formerly president of Eastern Connecticut State University, has been a champion for the program and has undertaken initiatives to expand participation.

About 3,500 young writers have competed in the IMPAC-CSU program, which has awarded more than $135,000 since 1998.

Poets and writers in each of Connecticut's eight counties win $1,000 prizes, awarded during ceremonies at the four CSU campuses in Willimantic, New Haven, New Britain and Danbury. The top poet and writer from that set of winners each earn a trip to Dublin with a parent for the presentation of the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the Dublin Writers Festival and related activities. Statewide poetry and prose champions will be announced during the annual dinner in June 2007 at the Litchfield Inn.

The CSU System serves more than 35,000 students, making it the largest public university system in Connecticut. A total of 166 academic programs are offered throughout the system, and more than 5,000 degrees are awarded annually.

The young writers international program has developed significantly to embrace IMPAC's passion for communication in the business world. Participating countries such as Thailand and Malaysia recognize the need for their young people to have
developed English-language skills in order to gain future success in business. Through its contribution in countries where English is not the primary language, the IMPAC Young Writers Award has become a medium through which students can better their English-language skills while simultaneously enjoying the excitement of the competition.

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The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award was the initiative of Gay Mitchell, then Lord Mayor of Dublin and Dr. James B Irwin, Chairman of IMPAC in 1992.

The Award is a partnership between IMPAC and Dublin City Council. The first Award was presented in 1996 to Australian author David Malouf for Remembering Babylon. The Lord Mayor of Dublin today continues to act as its patron.

Presented annually, with the objective of promoting excellence in world literature, the award is open to novels written in any language and by authors of any nationality, provided the work has been published in English or English translation in the specified time period as outlined in the rules and conditions for the year.

Since its inception, IMPAC has worked with Dublin City Council to develop the award which has become one of the most prestigious in the world.

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