Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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About Enfield
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Bushes, Bernie’s

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>DiPace plans on running for Council in November.

Oh great, just what Enfield needs - another cronie on an already "riddled" Town Council. Well, hopefully those who have seen this man in action, will think twice about voting for him. I really wish miss the governing days of Mayor Strom. There was a class act in the seedy world of local politics. Enfield residents could certainly use more like her.

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For many living in the "historical district" of Enfield, "image" means everything. So those silly lil'bushes planted along the sidewalk are probably considered a "victory" of sorts to the esteemed mayor, the neighboring Troiano's and some zoning commission members.

Cuz a few 3' bushes aren't gonna do much in the way of "real safety".

"This" was likely just another hurdle & cost the good sisters had to endure in all of this "parking lot baloney" (unless of course, the bushes were donated? Let's hope so for the sake of the sisters' pockerbooks.)

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> If the mayor is as innocent as he
> claims, why doesn't he produce
> his
> receipts from Bernie's? He should
> have it as part of his financial
> records.

Went to Bernie's Midnight Madness sale over the weekend, and was so
tempted to ask the salesman what kind of "deals" the offer Enfield's law abiding taxpayers!

I left with my purchase, a receipt and I paid the sale price that was listed in their flyer. I didn't see any so-call sale coupons anywhere.

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From an anonymous reader:

Sisters And Taxpayers On The Hook
For Bizarre & Disgraceful Actions By Town Officials

The word is the sisters immediately PAID a contractor to fix the parking
lot and plant the bushes.

Because the status of the parking lot was up in the air, the sisters were advised not to make any repairs or improvements while the lawsuit was pending. They made efforts immediately to improve the appearance of the lot for the families of the
school and for the neighborhood.

This whole ordeal has cost the Felician Sisters and the Enfield Montessori School a ton of money. Money that comes directly from the sister's order and from the school,
affecting tuition costs.

And it has cost the Enfield taxpayers a fortune too. What a waste. And we continue to keep these people in office? It's disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Enough is enough! I still want to know what standards Mr. DiPace is held to when he can breach a confidentiality clause?? Is anyone looking into that or will it be swept under the carpet. He was blantantly taking the heat off Mr. Mayor but it only increased my disdain of the whole situation and proves he abuses his power - and he wants to run for Town Council next??? Hope the wonderful sisters are praying for us and themselves.

Anonymous said...

What's with all you insufferable dorks who actually believe Pat Tallarita is trying to run the nuns off their property? C'mon, get real. You people are fooling yourselves. And when is this hard evidence that supposedly proves all the "facts" laid out in this little blog going to be shared? This whole controversy is a based on hearsay and conjecture. It's really, really lame.

Anonymous said...

Dorks? Now ain't that just down right childish. Let's put it this way, Tallarita, as the mayor, hasn't tried very hard to help the good Sisters. As mayor, he's been pretty useless to them. Been too busy building those two new houses behind their property.

This "little blog" speaks the truth. Which is why a few people like you, take snide shots at it. The truth scares some people.