Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Questions Of The Day

Did a sworn officer of the law enter a retail establishment looking for something on Monday evening, May 28, aka Memorial Day?

Did this sworn officer say, “I’m here as a private citizen?”

Did this sworn officer secure the material requested?


Anonymous said...

This is a comment to the person that wanted the Enfield Police to take extra notice of the Montessori neighborhood, and the Question about the police trying to get info from Shaws. Well, I think Tallarita was under close surveillance by the chief of police since he and his family were over the Tallarita's house for out side "movie night". Tallarita does this for his dear close friends and family so we can only hope none of the kids got alcohol but I think we can be only hope the cheif would be watching out for Enfield????

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Enfield's "finest" paid a visit to that Shaw's Memorial Day evening to get "something" for his friend? But that he was there merely acting as a private citizen - not as the town's chief of police?

What did he want? Was it the surveillance tape? So he could bring it back to his good buddy before the outdoor movie started?
What private citizen would go into a supermarket and asked for their surveillance tape?

What kind of town is Enfield - it sounds pretty sleazy? I feel really bad for the folks working in this Shaw's. They don't need this kind of drama (mayor acting out in check-out line) or this pressure (from a private citizen who also happens to be the police chief).

Remind me never to shop there.

Anonymous said...

Shaw's isn't the only place the mayor shows his temper. He harassed me and my husband while going to the polls at the last election. He yelled at me for speaking out at a council meeting going against one of his plans. I also wrote a letter to the editors of all the local newspapers and he yelled out that I was vindictive in doing so. I'm afraid his temper will be carried further.This guy has got to go.