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Enfield’s ‘Deep Cannoli:’
Follow The Subdivisions

The Cool Justice Report
Sept. 11, 2006

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

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The Washington Post’s Woodward & Bernstein had their key source, “Deep Throat,” who turned out to be former Assistant FBI Director Mark Felt.

In Enfield, I have source[s] who are much more connected. They are watching out for the well-being of the town, in particular the Felician Sisters who labor and serve the community at the Enfield Montessori School. These sources care about democracy, truth and justice, which is more than we can say about the power brokers who currently inhabit and influence Town Hall. For the moment, I will refer to these sources as “Deep Cannoli.”

When Deep Cannoli has information for me, a propane tank is tipped a certain way on Route 5. Depending on the direction, we meet in a garage, a park or an Italian restaurant.

Last night I was summoned by Deep Cannoli.

Among the questions we had discussed recently: Why does the town of Enfield seem to be on a course to shut down the Enfield Montessori School, no matter what the cost?

The cost includes escalating legal fees for work farmed out to law firms as one town agency sues another. Expect more substantial bills after tomorrow’s scheduled appearance in Hartford Superior Court. In addition, the Enfield Montessori School saves the town about $350,000 annually in education spending.

“Follow the subdivisions,” Deep Cannoli whispered. “It’s all about land and money.”

Land and money translate into political power. This is one principle understood by Democratic Mayor Patrick Tallarita, a recent player in the development game.

Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 in Enfield, but they were able to gain power only after a split between Republicans and conservatives including taxpayer groups.

The first major move by the Tallarita crew upon asserting power last year was to fire the town manager, Scott Shanley. Shanley had no trouble landing a job in Manchester.

“The working theory, in the absence of any actual reasons provided by Mayor Tallarita or his party, is that the Democrats want to install someone more friendly to their plans,” according to a posting by Chris Bigelow of Enfield, a blogger who runs the Connecticut Local Politics site.

There are seven Democrats and four Republicans on the Enfield Town Council currently controlled by Tallarita. Deep Cannoli reports, however, that there is a growing split among rank and file Democrats and Tallarita loyalists. The fire department, a significant political force, is not allied with Tallarita.

Tallarita is also treasurer for Joe Courtney’s congressional campaign against incumbent Republican Rob Simmons. This alone is giving some Democrats reason to vote for Simmons.

Stay tuned.

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