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Tallarita: I Am Not A Crook

Enfield Mayor Said Accusations Are False

POSTED: 4:36 pm EDT May 7, 2007
UPDATED: 4:56 pm EDT May 7, 2007

ENFIELD, Conn. -- The mayor of Enfield has been accused of corruption, but he said he's served for his community and not for personal gain.

Pat Tallarita, accused of misconduct by two private investigators said they might as well call him, “a wife-beater.”

Tallarita has been mayor since 2003 and is also director of facilities for the state Department of Labor.

He denies the allegations of corruption, but was been unavailable to speak on camera Monday.

He told NBC 30 that there won't be any proof and that he wouldn't do anything to damage his family's name.

Andy Thibault said the Chief State's Attorney's office is looking into the allegations he first made during last fall's election campaign.

Tallarita's wife, he said, was in on the development of two brand new houses in Enfield.

"I don't think anybody else would have gotten it through. There are certain people who sail through zoning and certain people who are shafted by zoning, such as the Montessori school," he said.

The school and the Felician Sisters who run it have been unable to get a new parking lot to replace the dirt lot on Enfield Street, he said.

Tallarita is also accused of buying appliances from Bernie's at a discount, allegedly in return for granting Bernie's a tax abatement to get it to move here.

Tallarita said he bought at Bernie’s grand opening sale and there was no quid pro quo. He said,” Basically I went into Bernie's as a regular customer, browsed around for a while, and then I asked a salesperson if there were any special deals for town employees. He was a young person. He wasn't a manager. He said, 'sure, want me to put you on the list?"

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Journal: Enfield Mayor Under Investigation

Tallarita Says He Did Nothing Wrong

POSTED: 5:56 pm EDT May 7, 2007
UPDATED: 6:12 pm EDT May 7, 2007

The mayor of Enfield may be the subject of a state investigation.

The Hartford Business Journal claims that it has proof that the chief state's attorney has launched an investigation into Enfield Mayor Patrick Tallarita for corruption.

[Chief State’s Attorney’s Office
Public Integrity and Political Corruption Bureau

300 Corporate Place
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Phone: 860-258-5805
Fax: 860-258-5804]

Enfield Republican Councilor Scot Kaupin told Eyewitness News that until the Town Council has more facts, there isn't anything that can be done regarding the mayor.

Kaupin said he has heard several allegations regarding the mayor. One of the allegations involves special discounts to town officials from Bernie's Appliance stores.

The other allegation involves property near Montessori School. Some claim that there is a contentious land deal between Tallarita's wife and a group of nuns.

Kaupin told Eyewitness News that most officials in the town believe the allegations to be rumors.

Tallarita, who was out of town Monday, told Eyewitness News that he has done nothing wrong. He said his wife did have a business deal to build two homes, but everything was completely legal.


EDITOR'S NOTE: These are facts. These are not rumors.

Investigators have received numerous tips and documents about public officials and others in recent weeks. Areas of inquiry include but are not limited to:

* Alleged sale of government services including votes for personal gain.

* Alleged manipulation or alteration of land records.

* Alleged steering of a lease to a crony.

* Work allegedly done by a state contractor at a private residence.

* Alleged acceptance of gratuities including vacation trips and merchandise.

* Alleged falsification of time records by town employees working less than full shifts.

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