Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big Willy From Enfield

  • Tallarita Announces...

  • [Hartford Courant reader comments follow story]



    Anonymous said...

    "This is not something that is coming out of the blue," said Tallarita

    Yeah, right. Who's he trying to fool. After the Shaw's incident, he had little choice but to step aside. He's an embarassment. Its just too bad he won't step down now.

    I can't imagine what "higher office" he could be qualified for. Maybe he waited to see how Santopietro "fared" and figured there's still a chance he too can have a political career despite
    his unprofessional actions.

    Its so hard to believe that voters could be fooled so long by such.

    Anonymous said...

    > Tallarita said he is proud of the accomplishments the council has had during his tenure. He is happy about such things as the formation of the town's emergency medical service, the better working relationship with the board of education, the budgets approved by the council, and improvements to the athletic fields at the high schools.

    WHAT? His accomplishments include improvements to the high school athletic fields. This is the same field project that is way over budget and behind time-wise? And he's proud of this? I wouldn't be bragging about that mess. Talk about putting a spin on things.

    And his working relationship with BOE? I'm betting the Republican BOE members feel otherwise since they had a plan to save the town some money, and the mayor and his Democratic buddies wouldn't give them the time of day.

    Does he know what delusional means?

    Anonymous said...

    The voters need to throw out the Dems; Hilinski is nothing but a Tallarita apologist, as is Mangini. Crowley runs on his name only and has done nothing. Edgar is half asleep at most of the meetings and Maxellon is obsessed with the fire departments taking back EMS. Peruta doesn't do much either. It's time to get an 8-3 Republican majority and see how things go, but the voters in this town are a bunch of brain dead idiots so things will probably stay the same. Stay tuned.