Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tallarita Timing Is Pretty Interesting

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Patrick Tallarita — the Enfield mayor and state Labor Department official who is among the subjects of a political corruption investigation by the Chief State’s Attorney — went on a checkout-line rampage at Shaw’s Supermarket Memorial Day, threatening a witness and scaring young children as he screamed and made an obscene gesture ...
"He could always find work
as an enforcer for DeLuca."

I don’t understand… why would the Dems in that district support Tallerita running in the first place at this point? He isn’t fit to be the mayor of Enfield, but the Democratic constituency would get behind his run for Senate…seems unlikely. If there was any kind of primary he would go down.

That doesn’t even address the issue of a Democrat beating Kissel, who has been pretty strong. I think if a Dem is going to have any shot against Kissel it will need to be someone without this type of scandal on their record. My pick would be a local business or community leader unconnected to these recent shenannigans.

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The timing is pretty interesting, coming just after a reported dust up in Shaw’s with another Democrat and allegations of an ongoing corruption investigation.

What higher office is Tallarita interested in? Well, assuming that both of the Democratic State Representatives stay in office, I would imagine he’s interested in challenging State Sen. John Kissel (R). We’ll see.

In the meantime, it’s unclear who will be leading Enfield Democrats into the next election, and who will replace Tallarita on the ticket (these are two different things–the mayor is elected by the council majority). The former is most likely going to be Deputy Mayor Ken Hilinski, the latter obviously has yet to be determined.

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    Anonymous said...

    The Democratic nomination for the 7th isn't automatic for the Mayor. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    Anonymous said...

    > I would imagine he’s interested in challenging State Sen. John Kissel (R).

    He ain't no Kissel. Kissel is a class act, and people appreciate that. Plus, after what's happened during his lil'power trip, it should be hard for him to be elected dog catcher.

    Let's hope that Enfield, as well as
    rest of CT have seen the last of this character in any public office.

    Maybe his sister will also be bounced since her challengers tend to have far more experience. She runs on the name. Which is worth exactly what now?

    Anonymous said...

    Hey, maybe now is the perfect time for the residents of Enfield to ask one of The Felician sister to run in Tallarita's place. Heaven knows
    the sisters would bring back some integrity to the Enfield Council. Wouldn't that be a feather in their
    habits. Mayor Sister! They'd certainly get my vote.

    Anonymous said...

    Wouldn't that be Sister Mayor?