Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Enfield Corruption Saga

Continues To Unfold

Questions On The Table:

Was Bank Leak
A Negotiating
Tactic With Town?

Why Was Confidential
Mortgage Information
Given To Town Council?

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    Concerned Taxpayer said...

    How do we have a town manager that can't manage his finances and manage our finances?????

    Manager of finance said...

    Question on the table? Who works at Enfield Federal that has a brother on the Town Council? Could be possible family/table conversation? Don't employees of a bank sign a confidentiality agreement? If Coppler was defaulting on his mortagage at Enfield Federal he needed to have the assisatant town manager take over this issue.

    Anonymous said...

    Wasn't Coppler hand picked by this current Council? As things continue to play out, is it any wonder why? He ain't no Scott Shanley. Even Enfield's asst town manager has more experience running a town this size, than Coppler.