Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reader Asks:

Who Gets
The Tax Bill?

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Ok so who gets the tax bill? Troiano or Enfield Federal? That is what I want to know.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know who's getting the tax bill for all this, but my guess is
that this particular tax bill is less than it should be. And that the rest of the Enfield taxpayers are taking it on the chin for these kind of local-yokal political shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Does is really make a difference "who" gets this tax bill? Face it,
all the Enfield taxpayers are getting the shaft cuz of all these political favors.

Anonymous said...

What does this say about Big Anthony? Apparently, the nuns aren't his only victims. Even though he's the richest man in town, he has no problem screwing over everyone else who's poorer than him if it'll put more money in his pocket. He really thinks he's God's great gift to creation (especially the nuns) when he's nothing more than a local oil baron who cheats people like a used-car salesman.

Anonymous said...

Who's holding Coppler's mortgage? Troiano, or Enfield Federal? That's what I want to know. Did he get any appliances at Bernie's?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be asking who is spreading personal information from the anchor bank? Enfield Fed has some explaining to do. There are many of us who do business with Enfield Federal and I am beginning to think they can't be trusted.

My wife and I have a mortgage with them, I think we need to consider moving it to keep our personal business private.

The Tallarita and Tallarita connection is too convenient.