Friday, June 22, 2007

Enfield Federal Question


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Shouldn't we be asking who is spreading personal information from the anchor bank? Enfield Fed has some explaining to do. There are many of us who do business with Enfield Federal and I am beginning to think they can't be trusted.

My wife and I have a mortgage with them, I think we need to consider moving it to keep our personal business private.

The Tallarita and Tallarita connection is too convenient.

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Who Will
Explain Leak?

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Anonymous said...

Loose tongues sink ships. This is exactly why I don't have my mortgage with any local Enfield banks. Because its way too easy for personal information to be shared. I'd rather pay a lil'more to have my personal information out of reach.

Hey, isn't one of the Enfield councilmen the manager of a new bank in Enfield? Wonder what he thinks of all this?