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June 27, 2007

Re; Montessori Lot

Probably 1/2 the parents of Enfield
parked their cars in the Felician Sisters lot in the early 60s. I remember my mother parked there, to drop me off and pick me up. Its a no brainer that "this lot has been lot", and a lot longer than 1/2 these bullys have been serving on Enfield boards.

If these legal fees were coming out of their pockets, then maybe they would've never started this witch hunt. Its completely ridiculous.

Posted by Anonymous | 10:12 AM

Re; JI Story:

Again, how is it that "Andy the Blogger" is so far ahead of the other media when it comes to breaking news in Enfield?? He's gotta be 100% credible or the major papers wouldn't continue to cite him as a source. The range of this blog is pretty remarkable.

Posted by Anonymous | 11:35 AM

I'm happy the JI has exposed some of the holes in Cool Justice's conspiracy theories. The conservation easement is especiialy interesting. It was right there in the public record, but was it ever reported by the blog? Nope. This blog is biased and not interested in impartiality or the truth.

Posted by Anonymous | 12:06 PM

Andy on May 8 was refering to a knew contact on Bridge lane not the "past" reasons that drove Talarita/Frderick to change gears. They couldn't secure John Reeds property which was between Yale court and the Montesorri school. So then they didn't need Anderson's that is why they let the option run out. If they couldn't get the middle piece their only option was to just put up two houses on Yale Court. They didn't care or wouldn't care about the conservation easement it wouldn't effect them they were just planning to sell the 2 homes anyway. Once they knew that they couldn't group all the pieces together to build a over 55 they had no other option but to build the two houses since they already owned the land. They just went to plan B.

Posted by Anonymous | 2:34 PM

These so-called nuns owe the Mayor and town officials an apology. Apparantly, deceit and mistrust are not reserved for parish priests. These nuns have raped the reputation of many Enfield town officials and upstanding citizens and should come clean.

Posted by Anonymous | 6:20 PM

Ok so why do the nuns owe anyone an apology? They have as much right to purchase the "desired" land as anyone else. As far as most of the people in Enfield think I am proud the nuns stuck up for themselves!!! Give us a break.

Posted by Friend of the Nuns | 7:28 PM

These nuns owe nothing above all an apology. Our mayor and "the good old boys" owe this town an apology for being such deceitful citizens. With all of this time wasted and money, possibly following the rules and law would have been cheaper and all could hold their heads up high. Land deals, parking lots etc. simple honesty, what a novel idea! Take a look at the 2 house subdivision, no landscaping, a street that's a driveway, the run off of water etc. When was the last time someone looked into all the trees that were cut for no reason at all, spite Mr. Tallarita and Fredricks. Check with the neighbors it"s an unsightly mess! Who else would get away with that? Someone with connections maybe?

Posted by Anonymous | 6:50 PM

Re; Bizarro Comics:

i don't understand. i don't understand at all. why, if all of this is true (and it sure seems to be), is he still in office?

if the enfield police are helping him, why?

can one be a mayor and work full time for the state?

Posted by a rose is a rose | 2:47 PM

What a load of crap. I know this guy and he is the laziest state worker I have seen. He pratically camps his butt all day on the smoking deck at the Labor Department. Check that one out Andy!

Posted by Anonymous | 6:23 PM

How ironic if Tallarita is tapping a worker's phone, when his phones, and Troiano's and many others have all probably been tapped by law enforcement for months!

Posted by Super Trooper | 7:24 AM

Re; Vintage Troiano:

The Montessori parking lot issue shouldn't raise any concerns in Enfield Historical District. The following all have paved lots: Enfield Street School, Tony's Little Store, Enfield Post Office, Alcorn School, or the Enfield Medical Center across the street just south of the Montessori school. I haven't seen nor heard of any complaints in regard to these establishments located in the historical district regarding their PAVED lots. So, what's the problem? I'm sure it has a lot to do with people who have motives for their own personal gain. I live in the historical district and just wonder why this is of primary concern. There are more issues coming from side streets where trees and shrubs are overgrown so pedestrians or drivers are at risk. Let's take a look at these issues and stop wasting time and my tax dollars on a parking lot.

Posted by Anonymous | 7:46 AM

What's happened to the the Felician Sisters and their school children the past few years is just plain criminal. Not to mention such a huge waste of Enfield taxpayer $$$$.

Take a ride down Enfield Street and one will quickly notice that there is plenty of "urban blight" in this historical district. And most offenders aren't hassled 1/2 as much as the Sisters and their students, who by the way, aren't hurting a soul by wanting to pave their dirt parking lot?

Why they're being singled out is anyone's guess, but my guess is that its all because of their next door neighbors, the Troianos. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind, hassling the good sisters and their students Guess the "T"s don't fear any heavenly repercussions for their actions, come "judgement time".

Posted by Anonymous | 10:06 AM


Anonymous said...

> These so-called nuns owe the Mayor and town officials an apology

"So-called nuns"? Are you questioning that the nuns are for real? That's priceless. No wonder Enfield is in such bad shape, with uneducated comments such as this. Mr Mayor is the one who owes a lot of people, a lot of apologies. And when all is said and done, he'll be darn lucky if all he has to do, is apologize.

Anonymous said...

> I know this guy and he is the laziest state worker I have seen. He pratically camps his butt all day on the smoking deck at the Labor Department.

Don't care if the guy in question is "lazy". Under State system he still has rights and there are proper ways to deal with such State employees. If someone else however has taken it upon themselves to "bug" the guy, well, they're pretty darn stupid and will end up in more trouble in the long run. The so-call "lazy" guy is likely to come out smelling like roses if his union is on his side.

Anonymous said...

Ya must be mistaking the nuns for "door mats". Or you think that being a nun makes one too passive to stand up for their rights (and their students rights). Trust me, these nuns are the real deal. And I for one am thrilled to see them fight this injustice.