Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ya must be mistaking ...

... the nuns
for "door mats".

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Ya must be mistaking the nuns for "door mats". Or you think that being a nun makes one too passive to stand up for their rights (and their students rights). Trust me, these nuns are the real deal. And I for one am thrilled to see them fight this injustice.

Posted by Anonymous to The Cool Justice Report at 11:41 AM

These nuns owe nothing above all an apology. Our mayor and "the good old boys" owe this town an apology for being such deceitful citizens. With all of this time wasted and money, possibly following the rules and law would have been cheaper and all could hold their heads up high. Land deals, parking lots etc. simple honesty, what a novel idea! Take a look at the 2 house subdivision, no landscaping, a street that's a driveway, the run off of water etc. When was the last time someone looked into all the trees that were cut for no reason at all, spite Mr. Tallarita and Fredricks. Check with the neighbors it"s an unsightly mess! Who else would get away with that? Someone with connections maybe?

Posted by Anonymous | 6:50 PM

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