Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where's Tony The Bush?

aka Phony Tony 1

  • Kiner Announces For Council

  • DiPace Council Chatter

  • Phony Tony Et Al

  • Bush Smokescreen Floated- 3rd Item

    Anonymous said...

    It is nice to see younger people getting involved such as Jason Jones and Dave Kiner. Jason is running on his own merits; Dave on the other hand will run on his fathers. Jason also owns a home in town and pays taxes, can Dave say the same? Property tax relief but raise education spending and tax relief for seniors. How does he propose to do this without raising taxes for the rest of us? How about you do not spend what you do not have for a start? How about do not raise the taxes for any of us,that is the same as a tax freeze and we all benefit. Before you speak, you shoud think about what you say and remember your father lost to John Kissel. Ever wounder why, Jason has also lost for the council in the past? Yes, but so did Scott Kaupin when he first ran and look at him now! Good luck to both of you, and stand by your word. you both should try going to council meetings before you run, Get up to speed on what is going on with the town. Hope to see you both at the next meeting!!

    Anonymous said...

    Three "cheers" for the interest of some much needed new blood in Enfield politics. However, please don't get caught up in this "old boys'club" atmosphere. Or expect a family "name" to open doors, or grant you special "favors". Kissel is great rep. He'll be tough to beat by anyone (especially a new comer) because people see him as the real deal.

    Anonymous said...

    OK, where are all the interested Enfield women? Why aren't there more serving on the Council these days? And what about minorities? The current Enfield Council is predominately white, middle-age, businessmen. Yet Enfield is so much more than the make-up of this current Council. They certainly don't reflect everyone in Enfield.

    While its great to have some younger people interested, it would certainly help if they too were homeowners, and paying these hefty taxes. Then they'd know exactly how it feels to be pinched for cash because of Council decisions.